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Projector security

Poll Results: How do you secure your projectors?

  • 30% (3)
    There's a dragon in my theater room
  • 10% (1)
    I have the projector secured in a built-in housing
  • 0% (0)
    I use a cable setup, like a Kensington lock
  • 30% (3)
    The mount my projector is on is enough
  • 30% (3)
    It's on a shelf, its weight is enough
10 Total Votes  
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As I get closer to purchasing a projector for my house, I'm wondering, "How will I secure it to make sure it isn't stolen?" Being a college student, I have lots of guests over, often times people I don't know (we like to host parties), some of whom would likely have no issue breaking in one day and nabbing my projector. So, my question is, how do you all secure your projectors (if you even do at all)?
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The majority of us are not college students and do not have that concern.
I guess I would chain it to the mount with a heavy chain after mounting it (if really concerned), and mount it high up so no-one can reach it.
However, if it were ceiling mounted, how would they get up that high and take it without someone seeing them?

I guess if they broke in, but in the case of break-in's get insurance to cover it.
Actually insurance might be your best option since it will cover ALL your valuables in one swoop, and you might already be carrying some type of insurance, so I imagine you might just need to add to an existing policy if you don't have a theft policy.
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I forgot about renter's insurance. I'll be calling USAA on Monday to check what my deductible is.
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Kind of a crazy thing to have in college, but you could install an alarm system. Either that or however you mount it, if mounted, you could build a box around it that has a pad lock for an opening. Just make sure you add vents as well.

Insurance will be expensive if you don't have a security system.
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The dragon is the only way to go. cool.gifwink.gif
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