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Sale me on these LED TV's

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I am in the process of searching for my first dedicated sports man cave TV. I currently have a 40 in Sony Bravia that has a very good PQ. I am going to leave this in the bedroom and just finished building a 12 by 12 size addition that will for the time being a small home theater. This room is rather small and all that will be in it will be the couch or seating that I purchase and the entertainment center with the TV in it. I have searched for about 6 months for the TV that I like and would like some expert help in me
honing this into my selected TV.

Here is a list of what I will want to do on it.

Sporting events and TV 75%
Playstation 3 20%
Movies 5%

I do have two new windows in the small room that are not very big say 2 by 4 ft on both that are equally spread out. They will have blinds on them. I also have only 4, 4 in recessed lights that will be in a square pattern spread out equally on the ceiling with a dimmer switch. I have my heart set on either a LED or a LCD. No plasmas recommended please. I would like the new LED and I know they are both the same with the way the light is behind the screen being the difference. The two that I have narrowed down to are as follows:

Samsung UN65D800X

I know this is last years model and I am fine with this. Best buy has a terrific deal on this right now. I think it was $5399.98 and now is $2799.98 so this is a steal. I heard about the color uniformity issue and on some reviews it say this is a superb tv so I am unsure what to think.

The other one is the

Sharp Aquos LC-70LE845u

This is a monster for this room but I would love something this big for later renovations are coming. This is also LED and 240htz. It is just $100.00 more and I think I have seen this TV even cheaper that the Samsung.

Question is the cheaper price due to poorer quality or does Samsung just think they are it. Are any of these two a good selection for my needs and do you have any other recommendations.

Budget: $1500.00- under $3000.00

Wants: LCD or LED, 240htz for sports speed, screen size 65 and up

Thanks for your input.
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I would love to give my opinion, but first.. Why no plasma?
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I have shopped several places here in Chattanooga and Atlanta and I can notice the glare on all of them. The windows will be pretty close to this tv. I realize the PQ is better on Plasma but with the LED, 240 Htz refresh rate, the PQ is pretty close to what I want rather than having to worry about that stupid glare. I know they have delt with the burn in issue of the past, but just the fact that it could I can avoid it all together with not buying one. This is the two main reasons.

I like the samsung the best and my heart has always been focused if I ever got another one it would be a samsung. I read all the people sayiing picture uniformity color issues but if these people are HD theater gurus maybe I would not even notice this to be a real issue. Some reviews say it is there but the PQ is so good it really doesn't matter. The Sharp I just started looking at and I do like that I could get a 70 in TV for less money but typically thatless money means lower quality, but not always.

I just saw a sony KDL-65HX729 that might be in the mix also.

Just give me some things I need to be aware of with these three. Thanks
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Fair enough, to each his own. After all it is your brand new beautiful flat panel. And I think you hit the nail on the head. Having a 70" flat panel that sits at the price point is hard to beat. The biggest question I would have for you would be is how are you calibrating the TV? If you plan on eye balling it then I would say go for the best VALUE because they will all perform very similarly. If you truly are looking for performance and plan and actually adjusting the color gamut and grey scale, or atleast using a set up disc then I would recommend the Sony. The Sharp has no local dimming which is a huge bust for me especially with that level of model, and the Sammy just did not WOW me by any means. My problem is with a flat panel of that size black levels and color reproduction are huge and this sharp misses on that piece in my opinion. I feel like a lot of the specs behind that Sammy are just marketing, and I prefer Sony over Sammy in best case scenario 9 times out of 10 unless were talking Plasma then Sammy wins because they still make great PDP.
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Originally Posted by bemgolf4 
I would like the new LED and i know they are both the same with the way the light is behind the screen being the difference.

Not all LED (LCd)s are equal

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Lg lw series and Sony Ex series may be good options for you as well due to the matte screens.
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There is no such thing as a consumer "LED TV" other than something that fits in your hand.

No "Sale".
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