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Panasonic TC-L55WT50

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I just received my new Panny TC-L55WT50 from Amazon the other day. Upgraded from an old 2007 Vizio, and wow is the picture amazing! I just finished calibrating the video settings and I have a few questions:

1) Color Management (Off/On) - Enhances green and blue color reproduction, especially outdoor scenes. I've noticed it definitely makes the blues more...blue, but I'm not sure if it's needed since I've already balanced all the color settings. It's Off for now.

2) A.I. Picture (Off/On) - Enriches dark areas without affecting black level or brightness in the overall picture. It seems to just darken the overall picture while displaying a dark scene. What should I do with this?

3) C.A.T.S. (Off/On) - Adjusts brightness and gradation according to the room's ambient lighting condition. I calibrated my TV with the backlight set to 50/100, then turned this On and set the backlight to 100. Seems like the 0-90 range keeps the backlight as low as possible (I calibrated this morning while it was still cloudy/dark outside). Setting the backlight to 100 while this is On gives the picture a good overall brightness, at least in the current lighting conditions. What do you guys do?

I of course turned the Motion Picture Setting all the way off, 1080p Pure Direct (4:4:4) on, and the Black Level to Dark (only allows Light/Dark).

I do have a bit of edge light bleeding coming from a spot on the bottom, and the light isn't consistent across the top edge, but it's only noticeable while calibrating, or watching a 2.4:1 ratio movie with black bars.

Anyone else own this TV? What do you think of it?
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Tested C.A.T.S. by opening the curtains now that it's bright outside. The picture definitely got brighter (almost too bright) and the blacks didn't get washed out at all. Closed the curtains, and I could see the picture slowly dim back to normal brightness. Cool!

I found that A.I. Picture makes the blacks super dark and actually helps hide nearly all of the uneven edge light. Keeping it on now.

I'm still interested in other owner's settings.
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I have a tc-l42e50 and based on your post I went to motion picture to off. I'll see how I like that. CATS is off. As the day wore on I found myself making the picture brighter and brighter. Turned it off and set the picture I like for day and night. I don't know what 1080 pure direct is and my model may not have that. Other than that I run like you do for settings.
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Had mine delivered last week.

Got it off Amazon.

I still need to work on the settings.

I have yet to test out the 3D.

Anybody pick up 3D glasses? If so what do you recommend?
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I have the 47" version and so far, really liking this set (replacement for a irreparable VT30).

For glasses, I'm using Samsungs (SSG-4100GB). Fully compatible and sync'd up without a hitch. For $40 difference per pair, I can live with the somewhat odd looks and the fact they aren't rechargeable (require replaceable coin battery).
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That's good tip on the Samsung's. I've been watching some used panasonic's on Ebay but I really don't know what I'm looking for as of yet. I would imagine overall weight would be a huge issue.
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Anybody with this screen on Directv seeing any momentary freeze frames?

I've noticed while watching a Law and Order CI episode on USA HD a slight freeze.

I then went to other high def sets in my house ( 1 Plasma - 1 LCD ) and no stall.

Could be my Orbs.
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I have Comcast cable and don't have any issues.

The 3D glasses I got are these: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B007EHI1DK

Watch out for glasses compatibility - scroll down on that Amazon link to see the chart. Only 2012 glasses will work on 2012 TVs.
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I've only just hooked mine up last night, still yet to play with settings, looks great on the wall, My instant reaction to the factory settings was to turn the backlight down as the difference between the backlight "off" at 0 and the backlight "on" at 100 with a small white icon on screen is pretty obvious. I'm not going to comment yet on anything else picture related as I need to sit down and tweak the sucker into my environment.

With the thin bevel edge it actually looks like a freakishly intense and rich projector. My brother-in law helped me rig it up and kept saying "It looks like a painting"smile.gif

The upside of wall mounting this baby is, I now have one expensive boomerang!
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Loving this tv, the only bad point is the slightly hollow sound. The screen though semi gloss is a darker reflection so only direct light sources and bright windows show up.
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Glad to hear your loving it....

I have a 3D question about the WT50.. I was looking at at the GT50 and VT50 and had a chance to play and watch Transformers Dark Side Of Moon in 3D. I noticed on the GT and VT that Panasonic had locked out the Aspect Button from working once 3D is activated. I was trying to zoom up for larger 3D like the Samsung and LG allows for but the GT and VT wouldn't do it unless 3D was deactivated.

Since the WT is an Led and not a plasma I wondering if the Aspect button works for zooming up a 3D movie. Can someone please check this out. Thank you.
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Does anyone know if you can disable the backlight? Getting annoying clouding on right hand side, would like to see if I can get a good pic without it.
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I'll also say, that in a dark room it's just average, so if you're wanting it for that, I'd go a plasma.
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Just wall mounted the 55" WT50 in my bedroom last night. Glad my wife let me put a 55" TV in the bedroom, but she's enjoying it as well. Picked it up on Black Friday - Best Buy had it on sale for $1,799 then a local TV Dealer (Paul's TV) had a Black Friday sale for the same set with a $200 GC. I took the printed ad to Best Buy and they gave me $200 off their sale price so essentially got it for $1,599.

Loving it so far - the out of the box settings were way too dim and drab, I'm not great at calibrating so just stole the settings from a guy's Amazon review and they worked great.

The black levels are pretty splotchy but you only notice this when you're watching letterbox material or the screen goes completely black (sometimes between commercials). This is about 10% or less of the time for me, so I don't mind it. When you're watching full screen 1080p, this baby is amazing, just like a window. The thin bezel is awesome, looks like colors just painted on my wall.
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Hi there,

I'm still in the hunt for LED TV. Please let me know whether the browser on this TV supports flash. Would like to receive the feedback on smart apps and browsing on this TV as well.

Thank you,
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So my father just got the TC-L55WT50, are the samsung glasses compatible with the 55" version. The store employee told me no, but I am reading different on the internet.
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I am getting my TC-L55WT50 delivered tomorrow. I ordered some "SSG-4100GB"glasses from Amazon where they were going for less than $20 a pop. Many people said these are compatible with this TV - I will know tomorrow.

Looks like there is no much activity on AVS for this TV. Any tips on tuning, setting, calibration from current owners would be highly appreciated.
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Originally Posted by telveer View Post

I am getting my TC-L55WT50 delivered tomorrow. I ordered some "SSG-4100GB"glasses from Amazon where they were going for less than $20 a pop. Many people said these are compatible with this TV - I will know tomorrow.

Looks like there is no much activity on AVS for this TV. Any tips on tuning, setting, calibration from current owners would be highly appreciated.

I wall mounted my TC-L55WT50 (used existing hardware that was holding up my Samsung LNT4665F). The Panny TV is much lighter! SSG-4100GB paired and worked without a problem. There are some small issues related to aspect ration, screen sizing that I was able to work around by playing around with the options. This TV does not support 1920X1080 with VGA! On my old samsung, VGA supported this resolution and the picture quality was much better than HDMI (drawback being I had to use a separate audio cable). I had to tweak some settings to get good black levels. There is some bleeding and unevenness in the backlight but you dont notice it while watching regular programs. I am still playing with the settings ... there is very little online help for tuning this TV - I wonder why!
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I'll post my pic settings soon, but you can get a great pic in Eco mode, with some tweaking of gamma etc, makes your blacks darker in a dark room and almost eliminates any clouding in dark scenes.

Also the browser supports flash smile.gif
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The following settings are for viewing in both dark and light rooms, they also use less power than non eco mode settings, but most of all they maintain a bright contrasted screen while reducing any clouding issues around the edge of the screen.

Viewing mode Normal
Backlight 100
Contrast 100
Brightness -7
Color 53
Sharpness 25
Tint. 0
Colour balance Normal
Vivid color off
Eco mode. on
Area dimmer on

Advance settings

White balance all 0
Gamma 2.2
1080p pure direct on
Motion picture pro Min
16:9 overscan on
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