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Replacement glasses for sammy C7000 (SSG-2100 AB/ZA)

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Hello everyone,

One of my original Samsung glasses has broken and I need t buy another one, I was checking e-bay and the prices seems to be a little expensive, even for used glasses. So I was wondering if brands such as NXG and Blict have a decent product, because at least on e-bay they are cheaper. Which models/brands do you guys recommend, for a reasonable price?

I was thinking about getting 4 glasses. E-bay would be better since I have credits to spend (which I have to use them today or it will expire).

Also is there any place I can find lenses, to replace to broken one?

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It's hard to post recommendations without knowing what you consider a "reasonable" price for a pair of active shutter 3D glasses. A problem you're going to run into is that the C series TVs use infra-red glasses whereas newer ones use RF/Bluetooth so you're going to have fewer options to choose from.

FWIW, I have had good luck with my Xpand 103 glasses which can be had for around $50-60 these days; the picture quality is on par with my original Samsungs and the glasses hold their sync well. Battery life could be a little better. The newer Xpand 104 models go for around $70 but are more comfortable and feature a rechargeable system via USB cable.
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You can get a pair for 50$ these days, if you want absolutely the best, and live in USA Monster has sell on their Bitcauldorn RF glasses kit, its a full kit for 50$ on ebay.
it may be up to 60$ now, a month ago I got for 50$ (Initially cost 500USD if im not mistaken then down to 250$)

Anyway, these are real RF glasses so you dont have any interference issues and if someone passes by the TV the signal wont be blocked.
Not only you get an awesome (tweakble/ firmware updateble glasses) you get a converter from Infra Red tech to RF
Also they very light and rechargeable no batteries. And you can connect LOTS of glasses to same transmitter, but im not sure you can get just the glasses because anyway the full kit costs like a single pair of other brand Infra red glasses.
And you can still use IR glasses with these ones,

I just got my pair today and so far I like them, I also have a pair of xpand 103 and original Samsung battery glasses,
xpand are heavier but have larger lenses, I got my pair back when they were just released for full price and i like them
Also they are battery operated
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check here they sell refurbished,new and used glasses they have some xpand 103's for $35 and I've seen some that will work on your samsung low as $5 used.
Now that I looked I see some SSG-2100 AB glasses for $18.

http://www.consumerdepot.com/pg_productsrch.asp?selsrchitem=DESC&selsrchkeyword=3d glasses&pagenum=1
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Here's some more that will work with your samsung c sreies tv $11 used and $15 new.

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