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I'm looking to purchase a bias lighting kit for my 60" plasma (Panny P60ST30) which is located near the middle of a long wall that spans two rooms. This winter the display will be mounted to a ceiling track in order to accompany two viewing positions. When the display is in one position, it will be parallel with the back wall so a pair of CinemaQuest Ideal-Lume Panelights I plan to mount to the back of the display should work fine. My concern is when the display is in the other position... in this case the back of the display will be at a 55 degree angle to the wall.

I'm not sure how an angle will affect the bias lighting setup I planned on using since a display in that position means one side of the display will be much closer to the wall than the other and I assume will result in uneven lighting. Not really sure what to think... would mounting the CinemaQuest lights horizontally or vertically work better... should I have an alternate bias lighting setup for that odd position... just trying to avoid doing anything which might not help or make things worse. Any suggestions would really be appreciated so I can do this right the first time. Thanks.