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Is there really a difference?

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Hi Guys

I need some help and advice. I currently have a Panasonic PT-AE100 and a standard white electric screen. I'm upgrading to an Epson EH-TW9000 (Power Lite 5010).
I know the projector will be a great improvement but what about upgrading the screen, is it really necessary?
Room details; walls and ceilings will be dark as will the carpeted floor. Window will have black out blinds but the room will be used mainly at night anyway.

The screen will be approximately 120" to 135" diagonal, have looked at, and like the Elite Cinetension2 tabbed screen, but its quite expensive. If you have alternative ideas let me know.

Anyhow, your help and advice will be greatly appreciated.


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Do mean you've taken a look at screen samples to see how they compare to your current screen or ?

If you haven't taken a look at any screen samples, give a few of the manufactures a call and ask for one. They will send them out free of charge. With Elite I ordered the sample using the live chat feature on their web site.

I looked at Elite, Da-Lite, Carada, Draper and Seymour AV. The Elite Cine White looked good and had a nice image. I had a couple of issues with it since in bright scenes I kept seeing the screen texture and it would "sparkle" with almost pure white images. I was sitting a little over 10' back from all the samples. Projector is a JVC RS-40. Had the Elite not had the issues I was seeing I would have bought it without question.

Da-Lite only sends out a 6"x6" sample and you have to pay for a larger one. Most everyone else sent out an 8.5x11 sample.

I went with the Carada Brilliant White, 110" 16:9.
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I have had my Carada "classic cinema white" (1.0 gain) almost 9 years now, and I still love it. Aside from the slight brightness bump of the "brilliant white", are there other reasons someone might choose it over the CCW?
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Any reason not to get the projector, and use your current screen for a few months before thinking about upgrading?
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