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Hi guys, less than a month ago I got this TV. I live in the Philippines but I assume the TV is actually meant for the US market because it only has US time zone options and the specs in the manual list the LK430-UA/UG models together. Anyway, the TV shipped with firmware 04.00.03 and I was hoping to update to the latest firmware on the US site, 05.00.01, because maybe it might help fix some of the ghosting/blurring issues and any other bugs (such as in media playback). That firmware only listed the LK430-UA model as compatible though.

Anyway, I made an LG_DTV folder and put the firmware file in but the TV does not react when I plug in the USB drive. However, in my office we have an LK450-UB model, I tested the drive and the firmware update prompt came up instantly.

So I was just wondering if there is any compatible firmware update for the UG model out there, or is it safe to force the update on using the "press FAV button 7 times" trick. Thanks for your help.