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Relocating to Lake Forest, CA (Orange County)

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Sorry if you read this in another forum. I couldn't find a way to move it to this one, so I just did copy and paste.

Thanks in advance for any tips or assistance that is provided. I am currently in the process of relocating to Southern California, Lake Forest to be exact. I have a pretty solid whole house system in my current home and was hoping to get some ideas on what to do in my new home and who I should use to do it. I currently have a Cinetouch system distributing the following sources throughout my home: Kaleidescape (2 players), 4 DirecTV DVR's, 2 HD radio/XM signals and a Blu-Ray player. I also have a pair of Xbox 360's/Kinects and a PS3 in individual rooms not being distributed. As I said, it is a Cinetouch system, version 7.12 I believe. I own 3 AMX Touchpanels (MVP-5200i), 2 iPads (not licensed with Cinetouch) and 2 iPhones (not licensed with Cinetouch).

The new home is being built by a plan builder that doesn't allow any electrical/wiring contractors other than their contracted company, KPS. I believe KPS deals mainly in Control4. My main goal is to have a similar system in my new home to the one I have in my current home. I don't have to have as elaborate of a system, as there are many features to my Cinetouch system that we don't typically use or we could do without. I will have a Samsung television in each of the 3 smaller bedrooms with sound either through the television or a sound bar. There will be a loft with a 47 inch Samsung that will be wired for surround sound. There will also be a living room with another 47 inch Samsung, also wired for surround sound. Finally, we will have a 40 inch Samsung in our bedroom, also with surround. I will be keeping both Kaleidescape sources, the Blu-Ray, HD radio/XM, and will be upgrading each of the DirecTV DVR's to the newest models and would like to distribute all sources to each room of the house. In addition to the distributed sources, the loft will also have a PS3 and an Xbox 360/Kinect. I will be adding a couple of video cameras, a new alarm system (installed by KPS), and thermostat control. The house is roughly 3200 square feet. I think that covers most of it.

The advice I need is 2-fold. First question, should I try to stick with a Cinetouch system or give something like Control4 a try? The Cinetouch option would probably require a couple software updates and some after building wiring followed by drywall repair. I don't currently have the iPad/iPhone option, so I would need to pay for that upgrade as well. If I go with the Control4 option, I then have 2 choices. I can let KPS handle everything, which would be much more seamless and wouldn't require any "hole punching" in my ceilings or walls. Or I could meet with another Conrol4 dealer before ordering the "options" in my home and have them tell me where to have KPS do all the wiring and then have the other dealer come in behind them and install the system.

My house consists of myself, my wife and a young daughter. I don't need a lot of elaborate features. I just want something reliable that is easy for my wife to run when I am away. I don't want to constantly be calling my dealer because the system isn't running properly. Nor do I want to consistently get calls from my wife because she is having troubles operating the system.

If anyone has any advice on which system I should go with or if anyone has had any positive/negative dealings with dealers in the Irvine/Orange County area, I would greatly appreciate any feedback. Thanks so much.
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First, I think it sucks to be constrained to one company for the wiring.

Second, I think you'll be happy with Control4. The only thing you mention that I've never dealt with is the Kaleidescape integration. Other than that, it sounds like a good fit for Control4. You can purchase a "site license" which allows the Control4 interface on as many iPads/iPhones/iPods/Android devices you could throw at it. There are several good 8x8 HDMI matrices that play nice with C4. They make a pretty good 7" touchscreen (not as good as an iPad, especially considering the price). Control4 and SnapAV recently collaborated with Extra Vegetables to make possible the viewing of live camera feeds from traditional analog surveillance cameras on touchscreens, etc., making this a much cheaper endeavor than having to purchase IP cameras. Alarm and HVAC integration are pretty straightforward too.
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Thanks for the response. I don't know anyone with much experience with Control4, so I was hoping someone, like yourself, could give me some insight. Does anyone feel comfortable referring any dealers in the Orange County area?

Also, I know asking for rough dollar estimates is typically an effort in futility, but I'll take anyone's guesses on cost if they want to give them. The wiring will be taken care of separately, so I'm just looking for an estimate for the equipment and installation/setup. I am looking to distribute 4 DirecTV sources, 2 Kaleidescape sources, 1 Blu Ray source and 2 XM audio sources into 8 different rooms throughout a 3200 square foot house. I will be bringing all the sources with me, as well as the televisions and iPads/Panels.

If anyone else has any advice on my previous post, I will take that as well. I appreciate all the reads and any responses I get. It's great to have a place to get the input of knowledgable (usually) enthusiasts.
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