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What is the best remote to handle the components listed below? I am a novice and don't want to spend more than $200

Samsung LCD TV
Pioneer Elite VSX32 Receiver
Sony Blu-Ray Player (connected to internet, I use Pandora through this)
DVD Player - I use this to play foreign PAL DVDs
Verizon Fios Set Top Box

Probably need one that can handle a few macros (ie. Play PS3, Watch a DVD/BluRay, Watch a PAL DVD, Listen to Music, Watch TV)

Easy programming is a must as I don't want to purchase extra software like the URC remotes, but I can probably handle doing the software setup myself for other brands.

My AV guy was trying to sell me on the URC MX 900 or MX 780 ($225 for the 780 + 150 to program) but I think those may be way more than I need and I don't want to call an AV guy to program my remote every time i get a new component.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.