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Need HELP with 3d Dual View Please..

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Can someone explain to me PLEASE how can i switch 3d active shutter glasses to obtain dual view? or how dual view works for 3d TV with my PS3 using an active shutter glasses using Infrared sync? PLEASE if possible kindly explain it to me in layman's term since i am not that techie with 3d stuff so i can do Dualview 3d with my 3d glasses, ps 3 and my mitsubishi 3d tv. greatly in debt for all your help. thank you. - kc
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I am no expert so I'll do my best with what I know...

DualView (SimulView) will not work with your set. It only works with Sony monitors - so the PS3 is looking for a Sony EDID before letting you select Dual View from the display menu. This can be defeated using Geffen's HDMI Detective (I believe) to spoof the EDID of a Sony Dual View monitor.

Now comes the 3D part. Most glasses have left/right active sync, so that during any moment only one eye is getting information while the other lens blocks light. Usually the left eye sees one perspective and the other eye sees a slightly skewed perspective and when combine make for a 3D images. With Dual View, the left eye is player one and the right eye is player 2, there is no 3D just two totally different views of the action going on at once. So, instead of having glasses that are left/right you have to change it so the the first pair is left/left and the second pair is right/right. Only a few glasses are capable of doing this currently - Crystal Eyes 4 being one of them? You may want to double check this fact.

So, currently it appears that dual view is only feasible with the official sony set-up:PS3-> sony monitor -> sony glasses.
Otherwise you will need to spoof the Sony EDID and get glasses that support L/L and R/R which are very expensive.

This thread is all about dual view and making it work on other sets:

A sony FAQ about this technology is also a good read:

Good luck!
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