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variable audio output

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i have active monitor speakers. just got a samsung smart tv. the optical output is fixed. any ideas on how to make it variable??

one person says to leave the internal speakers turned on and it will make the optical output variable and others say it is fixed.

no one really knows the answer.
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What type of digital input is in your powered loudspeakers?
The digital output of the Samsung TV is most likely optical and is fixed. You turn OFF the TV speakers and control the volume with the digital audio processor in your loudspeakers.

Will they handle a Dolby Digital or PCM stream?

Just my $0.02.. wink.gif
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they are active powered amplified speakers with an RCA / XLR input. they have a full featured amp built in them. i am trying to use the optical audio output from the Samsung tv. i have a digital to analog converter producing RCA outputs. Samsung says the output is fixed. makes my killer speakers not operative from the tv's remote. i need a preamp idea with remote function or something like that. bummed:mad:
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Optical Out is a fixed level..
Also what is it outputting a Dolby Digital stream or a PCM @ the Optical Out?
Certain Samsung TVs output Dolby Digital others PCM..

Only way to use the Samsung remote control is if the TV has analog L/R line outputs...

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yep! tried the mini analog plug and its fixed too. just thought the optical out would be variable. oh well.
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thanks anyway......
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Does it have a headphone output?

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Just joined this thread.
I have the same problem with an LG 47LE5400 (2010) TV, yet a newer, cheaper 42LV4400 DOES have variable analog output.
Exact same issue: I want to control external speaker volume using the Tivo remote.

I have not tried the headphone output.

Does anyone know if I can set the Tivo remote to control volume of an AV receiver yet have the TV PWR button control only TV on/off?
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