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not sure where I'd use them without actually seeing and hearing them - but being wireless, It'd be great to just move them around and see where they work best - or just keep moving them around as i need music - perhaps outside.

haven't heard of your company before, and appreciate the opportunity for contest.
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Thanks for the contest opportunity. I could use wireless speakers on my patio in the backyard and/or throughout the upstairs, I only had the first floor wired for speakers when building our house, and would hate to have to run wires upstairs now that drywall is up and we are living in the house.
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I would most likely use them as surround speakers.
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I live in a small apartment. Though, I try to make wires running through my apartment as inconspicuous as possible, it'd be great to have a wireless solution.
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I am wondering if these can be used outside - are they weatherproof?
They would be great to use on my back patio since I know my wireless penetrates to the far reaches of my backyard.
If not they still would be great to use throughout my house.
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I would love to have these as my surround speakers in our living room. We have young children and it would be great to have a wireless solution for this area.
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Originally Posted by Libratone View Post

We support all 802.11 formats except for "n". Our speakers are configured thru an iDevice. It an extremely easy process :-).

Is there a simple explaination as to why they do not work with 802.11n? I am about to upgrade my router to the new format, but had not heard that some equipment did not work with it. Are you planning on making it compatible with "n" in the future? Any information is appreciated.
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I'm extremely curious about these Libratone speakers. I've tried wireless speakers in the past (based on 900MHz and 2.GHz bandwidths) with little luck (range was just too short and there were times were the sound was intermittent due to interference). This IT based solution may just work, I'd like to try it. It would be interesting to see the range and quality of the sound. It's great to have all the color options (great WAF factor).
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I like that they will double as scratching poles for my cats.
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1. In my kitchen - we have stone tile on the mail wall (the rest is open), and I cannot run speaker wires attractively.

2. No questions come to mind that have not already been answered
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I have a high vaulted ceiling with no way to run speaker wires to the surround speakers... these would work GREAT!!!

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Does it do bluetooth? If so can it do left and right channel if you have two in place? Does use a lithium battery?
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I'd use them in the kitchen. I'd use them in the bathroom. I'd take them outside knowing I have the ability to bring them inside under less than ideal conditions.

I'd eat Green Eggs and Ham while listening to them.biggrin.gif
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Thanks to everyone for participating! The contest is now officially closed and will announce a winner within this thread shortly.

UPDATE: Our editorial team has selected member "latebloomer" as the lucky winner!! Congratulations, and hopefully he'll share his experience with his new Libratone wireless speakers here on AVS in the future.

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