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The Perfect Solution for the Hard-of-Hearing!


I would use a Libratone speaker (or system) in my home for my hearing loss.


My wife and I sit side-by-side about 20-feet from our fairly new LCD flat panel display. The display has L/R audio out jacks so we run that thru our old AV receiver. This way, we can get amplified audio while using only the TV remote for level control.


I can always SEE the picture well enough but I have real trouble with understanding what people sre saying unless the amp is set high for me. Even then, I miss a lot. However, my wife has EXCELLENT hearing, and my amp level blasts her out, especially the commercials! It's good she sits close by because there's a constant stream of "Whadhesay, whadshesay, ehhhh!"


To help fix this problem, I decided to set one of my old, wired AV-system speakers on a table next to my chair and, voila!, I could immediately hear what people were saying with TV audio set at "wife-level." Audio is now "crystal clear" compared to audio sent from a distant speaker... proximity to the speaker makes all the difference in the world as to clarity and volume required!


The only "drawback" to my setup is that the speaker is wired, so I had to run its cable across our front-door entrance, behind the couch, and up to my table. It works well but looks like hell.


My wife's sister is also hard of hearing, worse than mine, and she lives in Fed-subsidized housing, where neighbors often complain to the manager about the high level of her TV audio. We've tried earphones and earbuds connected to her TV's earphone jack, but she has rheumatoid arthritis with gnarled hands  and can barely maneuver the earphones/buds, plus they hurt her ears. Her long-term arthritis meds have made her skin and bones "delicate."


She came over awhile ago, sat in my chair next to the speaker (as we planned), and watched some TV with my wife. I heard her exclaim, "I can hear what they're saying!"... another voila! moment... even though my wife had the audio level very low for her sharp ears.


She wants a setup like mine, but she has no AV receiver/amp to run a speaker from, like I do, so I've been researching wireless speakers for TV, and the pickings are very slim for something an older person could set up or put up with in daily use. She and I both need a speaker in the living room and the bedroom.


She and I, and many other hard-of-hearing people, would be well served by a speaker that was wireless, easy to set up, easy to use, looks good in a LR or bedroom setting, and is portable so it can be placed near them wherever they watched TV or listened to music.


This would be an especially great solution for the MANY hard-of-hearing people in close-living conditions so they could hear TV, in any room in their house, without blasting out their neighbors... and possibly getting kicked out, which would be disastrous for some older people!


My name is wajo and I approve this message.

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While I don't mind wires so much, the wife sure does. Wireless solutions would help me put more speakers in the home.

I would probably use these for the bedroom or workout room.
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I've seen other airplay speakers in the market and thought they were pretty neat. What makes the Libratone better than the other offerings from companies like Klipsch or Bowers & Wilkins?
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What kind of WiFi support is integrated in? 802.11b/g/n on the 2.4GHz band?

I don't see any screen or input device on it so I was wondering how you enter your ESSID + WEP/WPA/WPA2 keys, etc. Do you have to connect it to a PC first and configure it?
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Wireless would makke my wife so happy and isn't that what its all about.....
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How will they hold up under the humidity of a bathroom? I'd like to be able to listen to podcasts or music in the shower; morning radio and DJ chatter gets tiresome.
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These would be a great help setting up my system. Old plaster walls make running cables a big pain!
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what kinds of media are supported, ie, lossless (flac?) etc...
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Looks very interesting even if I don't win!
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I could use some wireless speakers for my dining room, kitchen and outside...especially outside where I could easily bring them in indoors. Do I need Airplay on my AVR?
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I would love to be able to move music to our front porch for for when we have friends over. And how awesome would it be to have these great speakers when watching a movie in a room where a permanent system isn't reasonable, like when my son might have a friend over and they want to watch a movie in his room.
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I want a wireless speaker that can detect the presence of Airplay devices in the vicinity and connect to them automatically. It should never be necessary to pair a device and a speaker after the first time.
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I would use airplay speakers in the bathroom, garage and outdoor

Will Libratone be making a moisture resistant product?
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Looks like a promising product! I can see it being aimed at two different markets and each one needing a more specialized version of the product.
The first is the on the go segment and while I watched the initial video I did not see reference to portability- I think that is a key factor for this group. In addition to being wireless it needs to operate for at lest a few hours on battery. I could see myself using this for a small outdoor gathering in various areas on my yard. I have much of my home wired for sound, my patio included but some gatherings flow into other areas - having an easy to use source would be great for these situations.

The second segment I could see using the product would be in a multi-channel setup. It's often difficult to run wires in an existing structure and a set of side and rear channel speakers needing only power would be great.

The true test will be response time and how rugged the signal is, there is nothing worse than having audio in various rooms and having one room slightly our of sync wit the others. Also, the signal must be robust.

in years past I'd reject wireless audio due to it's limitations, but wiht today's technology I'm more than willing to give it a chance,
Libratone looks like a very promising product.
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You say that the device automatically switches between AirPlay and Aux when you connect a cable to the speakers, is there any way to leave a cable wired up full time (e.g. to a TV) and have it switch over to AirPlay when it receives a signal from an iPod or iTunes?
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The speakers look very stylish. This is something that I think that my wife wouldn't mind. I have been looking into a wireless sound system that we can both utilize. We're not interested in a AV Receiver since we're not interested in something that takes up too much space.

I'm having a hard time finding a good audio solution for her. Her requirements are that it has to be good looking (she doesn't want anything that could be an eye-sore; especially when we have guests over) and it must be easy to use (less controls on the device is better). My requirement is that it has to sound great! This is something that I would be able to use in our kitchen/dining area. We spend a considerable amount of our day here.

Using airplay is definitely a plus! We have iPhones, iPads, and Macbook Pros that could leverage the wireless technology. This means that my wife doesn't have to learn how to use a complex audio system.

The specs on the speakers sound good.

I have a couple of questions...
1. What sample rates does the speaker system support? Does it support 24-bit/192kHz audio on its DAC?
2. Can you change the settings of the speaker using an iPad and Mac Os? I don't want to depend on one type of device to change the device configuration.
3. Do you have any plans in the future to add a line out for a powered subwoofer?
4. What is the power consumption like when not active. Does it go into standby mode? I wouldn't want to turn the device on/off all the time.
5. Since the device doesn't come with a remote, how would you change the input of the speaker when you have multiple sources? (i.e. tv, iPhone, etc)
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Would work gret for me, I can't get any wires to one spot where needed!
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coll product! I want one!! I would used it with my new Panasonic st50.
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My chance to win.
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I could actually use these in my master bathroom or closet.
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By the pool, where this summer we have spent a considerable amount of time. Crank some AC/DC and just go off into another world.
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I love the new design and this would be a great addition to our master bedroom. Simple no wires or having to go up and down the stairs. I love the green
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Although I have budget speakers, the sound is very good. The down side to my whole system is the wiring. What a tangled mess !

Despite my efforts to route and color code and tag my wires, somehow, after a short time, they are back in their gordian knot mode, and I am scaring the children and pets with my cussing and screaming.

I am glad there are people with vision who want to save me from that
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I would use them in our master bedroom- territory firmly under WAF rule...
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I'm interested in the sound quality as compared to wired speakers. Also sound levels and range. Are outdoor versions available? I could use more speakers on my patio!
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Originally Posted by halfelite View Post

I would love to have outdoor wireless speakers seems like the best Idea to me I would love nothing more then stream some audio outside while bbqing and having a beer.
Couple questions is there any interference issues? I once owned a sonos system and an x10 home security cameras and every time the rf system would switch camera's my sonos would drop off the network. How long is the power cord?

If you have a reliable WiFi network you shouldn't have any interference issues. With our LIbratone app you can actually see the signal strength. The power cords are about 6ft long but you can always add an extension cord :-)
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I've blown through 2 sets of RCA wireless speakers in 4 years. Not exactly what I would call reliable, but the price was only $150 a set. The sending unit sits on top of my entertainment stand (undisturbed) and the speakers sit on the end tables (undisturbed except to turn them on and off). No abuse or even out-of-the-ordinary use.

For $700, these better last a long time without electronic failures. I'd hate to spend that kind of money on a 2 year speaker. What is the life expectancy of these? I know all about wireless signals breaking up, but once I found a reliable channel and a reliable location, I've had no problems with the RCA wireless technology. I do live next to an airport and sometimes get a cross-talk signal if the weather is just right. Is the Air Play a better technology?
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What a great idea for a contest and this would be a God-send for me!

To point #1: I have a very high-end main system that I use for both 7.1 and 2-channel listening and a secondary all architectural setup. However, in my home office I have no speakers! My system has been fully integrated with Airplay with both an AppleTV and an older Mac that I use as my media hub on my network that I stream my entire library from. I use my iPad and iPhone to control my various libraries and stream accordingly. You can tell that I absolutely love audio and I'm passionate about it.

In my home office, I'd simply love to have some wireless speakers. It would give me the real flexibility I need for placement and also tie into my existing, extensive infrastructure.

To point #2: Now, how on earth are you getting 360 degree sound from these? The footprint doesn't look very big and they also appear to be (?) wall mountable or is that just a standard handle for carrying the units.

In terms of the app control, so that's how you are managing the volume, etc. Leave it to the Scandinavians to have the clean lines and sleek thinking!

Finally, I looked at Sonos in the past. How does your product compare or contrast with the Sonos solution? Your stuff looks a whole lot better than their design does!!

Thanks guys. Looks like a really slick product and I wish you every success in the market.

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Originally Posted by stevenjw View Post

While I like with the concept of iPod Airplay for the house and using wireless speakers is a great idea, what I'm really looking for is a wireless speaker solution for rear speakers in a 5.1 (or rear and side in a 7.1) configuration in my family room. I'll looking to hang these on a wall and avoid wiring (except for power) and hoping your Live Standard (in white) would work. That's a very big benefit of wireless speakers IMHO. I tried this years ago using some Sony wireless IR speaker product, but found that the time it took to wake up and play whatever surround sound that was sent to it was too much. Surround doesn't usually get a continuous workout, so nearly "instant on" is required.
Is this a solution that your speakers are looking to provide? I'm also interested in what the equivalent power rating would be for the Live Standard speakers and driver configuration.
Let me know (PM works great too) and thanks for the chance to win a pair of Standard speakers to try it out Live!

Libratone speakers are designed to be used as a single speaker solution for your home, not really for home theater applications. The Lounge can actually be used as a sound bar for your TV but with the home theater capabilities just excellent sound quality! The Live speakers are powered by a 150W digital amplifier. 1x50w bass, 2x25W ribbon tweeter and 2x25W midrange.
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Will each speaker be truly wireless or will there need to be some sort of hub that connects them.
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