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PC CRT Displays

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Im interested in upgrading my current pc display, a sony trinitron 17" CPD-G220r.
Its a great display and has served me well, but i want something bigger with higher refresh rates @ 1280x1024 and 1600x1200.

What are some good CRT PC displays that arent as expensive or as hard to find as the Sony fw900?
i would be willing to spend up to $150 maybe a bit higher for something really nice.
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Here are some that I have found in my experience to be good and are relatively easy to find.

As far as the 19 inchers go:
  • Dell UltraScan P991 or P992 (these are both FD Trinitron models)
  • NEC MultiSync FE992
  • Sony GPD-420GS

21 inch:
  • Dell UltraScan P1110 or P1130 (both FD Trinitrons)
  • ViewSonic G225f (a late-model flat-screen shadow-mask monitor with 360 MHz bandwidth on the BNC inputs)
  • NEC MultiSync FE2111SB or FE2141SB (closely related to the 21" Mitsubishi DiamondPro models, which I haven't personally experienced but understand are excellent monitors)
  • Sony GDM-F520 (really, any Sony with model number beginning with GDM will be a very good monitor)

There's also the Sony GDM-W900, which is the same size as the FW900 but less capable and without the completely flat FD tube.

Also be on the lookout for rebadged FW900s -- once in awhile you'll run into someone who has one of these but doesn't realize what they have:
  • Sun GDM-FW9010
  • SGI GDM-FW9011
  • HP A7217A

If you REALLY want to go big, you might luck out and come across a Mitsubishi MegaView or NEC MultiSync XP Plus/Ultra presentation display.

(Edited: meant to say the G225f is shadow-mask, not aperture grille)
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Search the net! Craigslist is a great source for these monitors. I know lots of Nec Multisync monitors are available if u live near Dallas or in California, depending on pricing. Search local and nearby states and towns and im sure you will find some awesome monitors like P719C1 mentioned. I have the chance to get a XP29 Plus (1600x1200 easy at 85hz) for 120$, just need to go get it lol (5.5 hours from where i live lol).

Just be direct in your search. If u cant find the exact model numbers, go wider in your search parameters and maybe you'll get lucky wink.gif.
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yeah craigslist is your friend, in my area right now there is one 21" CPD-G500 for 45 bucks and someone also has a FW900 for sale but they know its value and are asking 250 for it, if it was under 200 i'd be on it right now but i don't intend to use it daily so i can't justify spending the cash on it.
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Well I just got a Lacie Electron22Blue IV (21") for $50 on craigslist. Made in 2003, at which time I think they cost close to $2000.

By far the best color I've seen on a monitor. And I've used some great trinitrons and samsung crt's. These use a mitsubishi diamond pro tube apparently. They're pretty rare though.
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I got one of these last month. Manufacture date is August 2004. It has very low hours of use, still bright and colourful. I don't like it quite as much as my Viewsonic pf225b (with its 2005 manufacture date) but it was a superb find.
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What's the difference between Sony GDM and CPD models? I see a nice looking Sony 21" CPD-G520 on craiglist but curious if I should be looking for the GDM series? I want the best and have been this patient so don't mind waiting longer until one pops up.
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I don't know the difference but it's probably still very good for color, even if some other aspect , like max resolution, isn't up as good. I would go ahead and buy it since you can probably get it for $15 anyway.

My local Salvation Army won't even accept CRT's anymore, so anyone expecting lots of money for their monitor is delusional.
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