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I started a thread about my HSU sub which had the amp blown in this freak storm I had. In testing the sub I discovered some weird things going on with the receiver.

I noticed that when I went to manually change the channel distance that when I highlighted subwoofer the test tone was coming out of the left front channel. I thought something sounded off but I could not nail it down. I ran MCAA. The receiver picked up the sub and pushed the proper test tones to it.

I went back and went to manually check the channel distance again. Each of the 7 speakers output the proper tone except when I went to subwoofer then it happened again. Coming out of the front channel. This was also happening when configuring channel level manually so I was baffled. I can reproduce this at will and tried manually crossing over on the sub, changing the fronts to large etc. It doesn't matter. I am wondering if this receiver took a hit as well and it is also shot. Is there anything else I could try to nail down the problem?