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Samsung PN50B650 buzzing fix?

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I bought my PN50B650 in July of 2009, and it always had a slightly audible buzz, but it seems to be getting louder over time. Should I call a Samsung repair center and pay them to fix this? Or should I do it myself (and how would I)? I do have the 'Chassis : F66A(N_FHD)_B650 Model : PN58B650S1FXZA' Service Manual guide. Which I used to replace the speakers that someone in the household blew up.

I love the image quality of this TV, but the buzzing is loud enough now that I'm willing to sell it and buy a new (non-plasma) TV. If I can get it fixed for cheap, I'll do that.
The buzz is the same as my old Sony WEGA 32" CRT produced, but not quite as loud. I could hear the WEGA in the next room. The Samsung I only hear if I'm in the same room as the TV.

I'm assuming this issue is due to the high voltage of CRT/Plasma tvs, and the best solution is to downgrade to a LCD. Any suggestions welcome.

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I wrote about this the other day to another member. One guy here had the loud buzzing and pulled off the back to see if he could fix it? It turned out to be a wiring harness resting against the back and causing the buzzing. So he put a piece of foam on the back (it sounded like the harness was immovable or something) and that was enough to isolate the harness from buzzing against the cabinet.
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I don't think it's in the back because the buzzing varies with the screen brightness. If I turn it down all the way, it's still too loud but it does change the buzzing intensity.
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It's getting worse yet over time, I'm going to take the back cover off and see if that eliminates the buzzing.
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I have this buzzing as well, mine went away when I moved it from one room to another. In the first room, none of the outlets are grounded, in the new room they are. I don't know for certain that this was the cause but I know that my TV now does not do this buzzing (It's was just as you describe, it changed with the brightness of the screen).

One thing to do would be to remove the back panel and then operate the TV. Locate the noise. If necessary, further fine tune the location with a paper towel tube to your ear or something similar. Once you locate the culprit, I wonder if it's some kind of coil whine (round copper coils which sometimes will vibrate at certain power loads, causing a hum or whine noise).

I don't know that this really helps you or not but I thought I would add the info.
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I have this same TV (the 58 inch version though) and I have the buzz. I have the warranty through best buy and they already came out and replaced the power supply thinking that was the issue. It definitely wasn't. So I just had them come out again today to look at it and the guy said that he is pretty sure it is the panel itself but he was going to order the panel and the power supply. So we will see what happens.

I wonder if they will actually order the parts of if it will be cost prohibitive to basically order a new TV. Sorry to bump an old thread, but I was trying to search to see what others have done for this and when a warranty company considers it too cost prohibitive to fix.
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No worries on bumping this thread.. the issue isn't fixed for me. I took the back off tonight and located the buzz to the (facing the TV), top left hand corner panel. Where the green capacitors are. They are very loud.

According to the service manual, the capacitors are on part# BN96-09756A (ASSY PDP P-X MAIN). But all the photos that come up for replacement parts don't look exactly the same as in the manual or on my TV.

Since I'm having trouble finding a replacement part (and some sites are selling it for a very high price), I'm just going to order this soundproof sheet http://www.amazon.com/SilverStone-21-Inch-Dampening-Acoustic-SF01/dp/B0040JHMH6/ref=zg_bs_11975721_3 and wrap it around the capacitors. It might shorten the life of the TV, but I don't care. I have to do something and I don't feel I have the expertise to solder on new capacitors myself. Though I might consider it, I have a solder iron, fine tip soldering was never a strong point of mine.

I noticed there's a lot of heat coming off the heatsinks near the capacitors so I'll be sure to not cover that up with sound proofing. We'll see how it goes, but using a roll of paper towels I couldn't detect any significant noise coming from anywhere else.
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