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Have had my HL 61A750 for years now and it has been trouble free............BUT.............has given me my 1st "heads up!" because last night while starting to watch the news, I lost both audio and video, I have DirecTV so I tried other channels
ALL blank. I tried the DTV Receiver self check and that was not I had ability to use Menu/Program Schedule etc. on the DTV Receiver but still NO audio or video signal. I started tracing my HDMI connections from DTV Receiver to myy Pioneer A/V Receiver etc...............I have been using one of those 3D Adapters in the mix in order to get 3D fm DTV - so the HDMI Cable from DTV Receiver 1st goes to it and then from there to the A/V Receiver. I figured that must be my "weak link"......
I also have a HTPC conncted up in the Entertainment equipement which I hadn't turned on in ages.......BUT.........figured if I turned it on then I could test to see IF my HDTV was incapable of displaying audio and video now..........GLAD I was able to do that, because I found that the TV did still display audio and video. I went to bed figuring that due to the above experiences that this AM I would just disconnect the special 3D adapter and take it out of the equation and go direct with the HDMI cable fm SAT Receiver to A/V Receiver and thus do w/o 3D [have not been watching 3D anyway].

BUT.....this AM I 1st turned on my SAT/A/V Receiver, and HDTV normally and WALA it was all working as NORMAL?????

Just guessing here - but could that possibly mean that a Power Supply unit w/in the 61A750 is dieing and that I can probably look forward to after it being on a certain amount of time I will probably lose audio and video again and again until finally the PS will die totally and then of course NO a/v at all???

PLEASE advise...................I have NO Insurance on my HDTV...........THANKS, michael