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denon and pl2z output problem

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I have noticed that when playing pl2z or really any other matrix surround modes on my denon avr-790 that most of the sound is coming from center channel never seemed correct to me. then i repositioned my front speakers and all of a sudden it started adding in surround effect much more and more to the FL and FR speakers. I dont know if moving the speakers bumped some connections on the rear of reciever or what ben reconnecting speakers at amp and messing with analog inputs but cannot figure it out it only played this way for two days and now it has gone back to mainly center channel.

It almost seems like when you have that old car stereo and the sound gets cut out and you have to turn volume way up and it finally kicks back in like its being choked and it breaks thru. Dont know if any of you have experienced this I have on an alpine cassete car stereo reciever and a stock chevy radio both circa 1990
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Try disconnecting and reconnecting the front sound speaker wire connections. Did you rerun Audyssey again after repositioning the FL/FR speakers? Do you have the Front Height speakers directly above the FL/FR speakers and angled down towards the main listening position (ie. mic position #1)?
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yes recalibrated i have the front height speakers positioned correctly i think its the hardware i mean those couple of days it played different was big difference. it was like oh thats how it should sound

no variation like that when outputting dolby digital

also not impressed with front height thought it made a difference at first with rain and ambience but now i will go up to the speaker when rain is playing and it barely putting out any volume and i think i heard a penguin squawk on mr. poppers penguins one time thru whole movie or maybe it has to do with problem mentioned above

I dont know maybe its because im talking about directv with analog input just the differences in channels and different shows
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