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Shocked at Panasonic

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Well a long time fan of Panasonic Plasmas here, in fact I am on my third the TCP55VT30. Loved every aspect of it until I tried to play my PAL disks. After a long time twice with customer service I was told that these models as well as future models cannot accept a PAL signal. I have been watching PAL movies for more than 10 years on my Plasma TVs and simply cannot believe this, it is absolutely ridiculous . Every TV I know can accept a PAL signal, what is Panasonic thinking? Anyone know of any kind of work around?
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If every TV you have owned would play PAL signals, I would say you have been quite lucky.

I have owned digita TV's since the late 90's (CRT's) as well as LCD's and Plasma since the early part of the previous decade and have never had a digital set with the ability to decode a PAL signal. None of the Blu-Ray or DVD players that I have owned had the ability to playback PAL.

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One option would be to invest in a video processor such as the DVDO Edge, which can convert and upscale a PAL signal to 1080p/60. This would make things somewhat future proof if/when you change displays.
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Thanks for the suggestion! I have a large PAL library that I have collected over the years, and am still building . I will look into the edge,
Thanks again.
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