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Frequency response of speakers

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Just curious as to what matters when it comes Fr response and setting crossover. Iirc my monitor 9s play down to 51hz +-2db but on the spec sheet says low Fr extension is 39hz(DIN)
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My opinion is to start at the 80hz and lower to say 50hz and see which point works best in your room and setup. What does your room correction set your setup? Even with capable towers, letting the subs do their job does support more lower mid and upper midrange resolution. Also, using the 80hz suggestion will also allow most receivers filters to be applied to the subs. Example, my 3 standing wave issues are this: 63hz, 74hz, and 96hz. So, with my Elite receiver 2 of the three filters are applied to the sub signal. Or, when I cross the subs at 50hz then my towers which don't necessarily need as much correction due to output may not benefit as much. With todays LFE's and the huge dynamics with a smooth response, your room would be the deciding factor.

Brian in Bakersfield...
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I have a umc-1 and when i ran setup it set my fronts full range, center and back surrounds @120hz and side surrounds full range. Ive tried the 80hz starting point for all speakers, and then i dropped fronts, center and side surrounds to 65hz doesnt sound much different. My system consist of monitor 9s, cc390, adp390 all vs and side surrounds athena technology F2 series 1
All powered by xpa 2 and a 5

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Way dig your gear, big fan of the umc-1. Looking forward to the new unit with its crazy new room correction program. Your Athena's for sure can handle whatever you throw at them, dig them. Your mains also are capable. If i've said it once i've said it a million times, there is something about the sound of a capable setup provides. Somehow measuring the standing waves will net your maximizing each loudspeakers response. Now saying that, if you want to get into mass loading, clay damping on internal walls of enclosures, and using aperiodic materials to control each enclosures response physically, then I can also suggest that. I too want to maximize my response in each enclosure physically before the electronic room correction runs and above mentioned experiments and inclusion is what was needed.
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