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Looking to replace my NAD 3150

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My NAD 3150 has an intermittent left channel when a sub is connected through high level connections. For this reason I'm considering replacing this Old Friend of an amp. I see NAD has a 50 watter in its current line-up. However, I don't know about the reliabilty of NAD units these days. NAD seems to have good eras and bad. What are some other options in solid state integrateds of similar power with pre out main in jacks and sub 8 ohm speaker reactance capabilities?

Or, should I just have this old amp repaired/restored?
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If the amp works OK when the sub is not connected, what makes you think the amplifier is bad? Connecting the sub should have no effect whatsoever on the amplifier unless something is shorting out within the sub.

That sounds like the problem is with the sub.

There is a NAD C325BEE advertised in the classifieds, which might be a good choice IF you actually have an amplifier problem. That might be a better-sounding amplifier than what you have.

Another very good amplifier is the Music Hall 15.2, which Music Direct has available for $499, which is an excellent price for a great amplifier.
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Originally Posted by BpShenanigans View Post

My NAD 3150 has an intermittent left channel when a sub is connected through high level connections.

If the amp works well with the sub completely disconnected, the most probable cause is the sub or even more likely, the wiring that goes to the sub.
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Thank You commsysman and arnyk. After hooking-up the bookshelf speakers and sub to my Yamaha RX-V1600 and getting an intermittent sub-woofer, I'm inclined to think it's the sub as well. In both installations the sub was connected through speaker level inputs. The sub has an automatic on/off operation w/o a trigger separate from line level or speaker level inputs. I think this is the problem. I'm confident there are no shorts in the wiring. I'll listen w/o the sub until I have found the root of the problem. By the way, the speakers are the failed Tweeter House Brand, Sapphire, designed by Tivolli.
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do you have any friends that will let you hook up the sub at his or her house to test out to see if is the sub?
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Good idea keyboardcat but my friends are too wise to be audiophiles.
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ok can your friends bring a different subwoofer over to see if it does it to the friends sub then? the 50 watt you are mentioning is the nad 326bee? i heard it before on 3 thousand dollar speakers all the way to 15 thousand dollar speakers. It sounds good, but I have noticed some people online having trouble with it overheating. I saw some refurbished models of it on a website. Some people had trouble with the amp after two to three years. A lot of people like the old models, but with age buying it used could mean bad capacitors etc. Some people feel like Nad amps have poor soldering jobs done on a lot of them going back several years ago. Some repair places use to joke about NAD saying not Another defect. For the money NAD sounds as good as a more expensive Rotel in my opinion. Before you replace your NAD see if it really is the amp or the sub. If your friends aren't Audiophiles any friends advice if they notice the difference in sound is good to find out.
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Thank You again. I am confident it's the subwoofer. As I said before I get the same results with two different amplifiers. Thanks for the tips on NAD reliability.
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will the store let you return the subwoofer? I hate for you to be out money on the subwoofer. Just curious what brand sub is it? If you decide to get a new NAD later on hopefully you won;t have any problems. one brand to stay away from right now is onkyo. The receivers are having major problems. i see post about them all over this site about problems. i heard some people online say that the nad surround receivers are having more problems then the nad integrated amps like the 316bee or the nad 326bee. I visited a b&w speaker and Rotel dealer a few months ago and he told me they can't find out what;s wrong with the nad surround receiver. they said that it would cost the customer almost 300 bucks to replace the parts. it kept messing up while trying to fix it. some people feel like older nads were built better then new nads saying they were strong enough to last 25 to 30 years. they thought that was pretty good for a receiver. i almost bought the nad 326bee, but i had some big bills to pay for house insurance so there went the 800 i had saved to buy the amp and some extra stuff.
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