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Receiver Purchasing Help - Onkyo TX-NR515 vs Denon AVR2112CI

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Hey all -

Was having some issues last week with my ancient AVR and made an impulse buy at Fry's, knowing I'd have 30 days to try it out and return it - an Onkyo TX-NR515. I did some basic research and saw alot of reviews praising it for having tons of features for a low price, and on the surface it seemed like a good one to go with. I've had it for a week and have had no issues, but after poking around the forums I realized it has one potentially major feature deficiency - it has Audyssey 2EQ.

So my major question is, how much difference will a non-audiophile notice out of moving to something with MultiEQ (or XT) from 2EQ? Can I manually calibrate my sub to a similar effect, or are the other differences significant? For just a bit more cash I can get the Denon 2112, albeit a year old tech. Do I need to make a switch? If the XX13 models are a better buy I could go for the 1713/1913.

Also a related question, what do all the video features on modern AVRs really do? I've never had a receiver that had HDMI switching, so the upscaling and filtering stuff is all greek to me. I have a 1080p DLP set so not sure if it really does much for me. Any input is greatly appreciated!
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The upgrade to an AVR with either MultEQ or MultEQ XT will increase both the number of speaker filters used as well as add the capability to EQ the sub (which 2EQ cannot do). And no, you are not likely able to EQ the sub as well using the manual graphic equalizer as it only goes down to 63hz. Choose Onkyo for "features" and Denon for better "audio fidelity". There wasn't much added to the new XX13 models so getting a XX12 model on clearance is likely your best bet. You can review the features in both the XX12 and XX13 models by reviewing the first few posts of each of the respective Owner's threads linked in my sig.

The video chip in an AVR is only beneficial if it can do a better job then the source itself (ie. Blu Ray player, sat/cbl box) or the TV otherwise, many folks just turn it OFF and simply pass the signal through the AVR untouched.
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I can only relay my experience. I bought a TX-NR616 because of the features offered for the price. On paper, there is nothing to compare, especially at the price I paid (I got it for $399 inclusive). However, the problems I had with the receiver not switching on with the remote and the HDMI dropping every few days caused me to return it before my 30 day window expired. To my knowledge, this still hasn't been fixed!

I went with the Denon AVR-2312CI, which I got for $499 and it works flawlessly so far. It has Audyssey MultEQ XT and sounds absolutely amazing compared to the Onkyo and, of course, doesn't have the problems associated with the TX-NRX1X series (which also has absolutely terrible customer support!).

I also had a Yamaha RX-V673 for a while in the middle of all this, but couldn't get the sound I wanted from it, so it got returned too.

My recommendation would be to go with Denon.
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Awesome, thanks guys. This is exactly the feedback I was looking for, really appreciate it. I do favor audio fidelity over "features" that I may or may not ever use. The 2112 @ $460 sounds like a steal right now, leaning towards pulling the trigger and taking the Onkyo back.
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I think you can still get the 2312 for $499, why not pay the extra $40?
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Originally Posted by afrogt View Post

I think you can still get the 2312 for $499, why not pay the extra $40?
Can you get it that price new from an authorized dealer though? I'd like to make sure I get the 3yr warranty, and the cheapest I see that unit for right now is $598 at several retailers. If you know a secret you can share that would rock cool.gif
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