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Problem with my Samsung UN55D8000 Need Help

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First off, I have contacted Samsung and they are sending out a technician in 1 - 2 days to look at my TV.

I'd figure I should still post on here to see if anyone else has experienced this problem. Look at the photo below, I turned my TV on last night and saw this. I've never ever had a problem with my TV until last night. You'll notice in the photo that the bottom half of the screen is darker then the top. This is consistant on every channel, and even on other input such as Xbox and BlueRay.

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Hey I have the same tv and lately have been experiencing the same problem intermittently. If I turn off the tv and turn it back on, it goes away. Let let me know what the technician diagnosis is.
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Same problem here only the line on mine is a bit lower. Any answer from Samsung? My tv is just Orr a year old and just out of warranty so hoping its an easy fix.
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Is it me or do Samsung TVs have a lot of reported issues, especially when the 1 year warranty expires. Don't get me wrong, I do like the way their TVs look on and off (except for their edge-lit models), but their reliability is questionable and customer service lacking.
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I know this was posted a while ago but hopefully this goes to your email and I get a quick reply. I have the samsung un55d8000. I purchased it almost a year and a half ago. Last weekend the SAME thing that happened with your TV is happening with mine! I called samsung and they said wait a week see if it still happens then they will send someone over to see whats going on. So I was wondering what happened with your situation? Did they come to fix it? Was it an easy fix? What was the reason for this and did they charge you? What was going on?? Please get back to me and let me know. HOPEFULLY you get this!!

Thanks so much!smile.gif
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We have the same thing happening intermittently on our 1-year old 8000. It's almost an even split on the screen so a little lower than the picture.

Just like other posts, turning the TV on and off corrects the problem. I haven't been able to identify a sequence or media type that consistently causes the problem.

Please let us know if you got any resolution from Samsung. Like others, I'm out of warranty.

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If you are close to the one year time period for the warranty, if you register your product they are extending the warranty for 3 months.
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I registered and it extended it by 3-months.

The tech is coming out this afternoon to look at it. My son snapped an image, which shows the line a little lower than the first post. The good thing about this image is that it was generated from the SMARTHUB so I won't be getting any run-around that my cables or other AV sources are the problem.

IMG950782.jpg 269k .jpg file
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Our Samsung just started doing the exact same thing and we are out of warranty. Has anyone gotten a response as to what the problem might be?
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Hopefully this will answer some questions.

The Tech came out in early December saw the problems (I had taken pictures) and said that it was probably the T-Con board. This board supposedly controls the timing and lighting of the TV.

The same tech came back out on 12/20/12 and replaced the T-Con board and the flat cable inside the TV. The tech said if that didn't fix it, there wasn't much else to replace other than the panel.

So he leaves and about 30 minutes later it happens again and actually starts ghosting on the right side of the TV as well. As a result, I start running all of the tests and taking all of the pictures that the tech said he would need to request a new panel. I communicate with the tech that afternoon and he uploads all of the new pictures up to my case.

Here's where it gets fun...

My TV went out of warranty on 1/8/13. I didn't think it would matter since the first repair was initiated under warranty. Well emailed the tech on 1/15/13 and all he said was that they denied the panel replacement. While I was really ticked off that the tech didn't call or e-mail me the denial while the TV was still under warranty, I tried to keep my cool and I'm glad I did.

This started multiple chats with Samsung, which were cumulatively more than 4 hours. After telling my story in more than a half a dozen chats and being told the problem had been resolved (every time), I was able to get them to authorize the parts and labor "out of warranty". However, the last chat consisted of me on the phone with the tech, telling me exactly what to type in the chat window.

I found out during the final chat with the tech on the phone with me that while the service center can authorize the parts and labor, I found out that only the engineering area can authorize the shipment of a panel (isn't this a part?). As a result, the tech had to call Samsung directly after all of my chats. I was assured that it had to be the tech, I couldn't call the engineers myself. All of the sudden, keeping my cool and not losing it on the tech when he didn't tell me the panel was denied worked in my favor.

The tech ended up spending another 30 minutes on the phone with Samsung but finally got the panel authorized and they are coming out tomorrow to replace it.

Here's my advice to anyone else who tries.

1. Always register your TV, it gives you and extra 3-month warranty. My original went out in October.

2. Establish a case on line with Samsung. You can upload pictures, receipts and describe the problem. This is the only way to get the process started and it's pretty painless.

3. Always give your case number at the start of the chat. they can pull it up and review it.

4. Always cut and paste all of your chats to WORD or some other pad. These chats also have a reference number that can be given at the start of your next chat and reviewed by the agent (trust me, it's going to take more than one). This will save you a ton of time so you don't have to re-explain it every time it doesn't get resolved.

5. Establish a relationship with your tech and send them the transcript of every chat you have. I honestly could not have gotten it done without their help and in the end, if you require a panel replacement, they are the ones that will have to push it through Samsung engineering.

After all of this, at this point, I still don't know if the panel replacement is going to fix the problem. You're probably wondering (I know I am) why didn't Samsung just replace the TV, this has got to be costing them more.

I hope this helps somebody else.
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This is the exact problem I had with my UN55D8000 that I purchased 2 years ago. When I initially called Samsung they said since it was out of warranty I would have to get the TV serviced myself. I went to the local Samsung "approved" service center and they said this problem is actually common. This partial display problem corrected itself as the TV warmed up. They suggested I contact Samsung again and take it a level up which worked. The gave me a "one time" service call and repair. They ended up replacing the entire display which I was very pleased about. When you spend this much on a TV you expect to get more than two years of service from it. Well, I'm dissapointed again. The "new" display is two weeks old and has failed. The picture is lacking red and has a blue outline around contrasting features. I called the service center back and they said the replacement display is covered for 90 days. Looks like I'll get a third display for my Samsung which I hope will be the last for a long time. This doesn't bode well for Samsung quality however. At least they are standing behind their product up to this point. UN55D8000 display.JPG 1795k .JPG file
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This exact problem started with my Samsung UN55D8000 this morning. I can turn off the set then upon power-on, the problem is gone for a while.

I've been reading that the fix is to replace a panel that costs as much as a new TV. I've had this set for 2 years only.

Has anyone dug in to the circuits to find a discrete component failure? If so, we should share it!

I'm a CET and have fixed a few VIZIO plasmas with bad caps on the power supply. Wondering if this problem could be fixed at home.

BTW... I had a Samsung 50 inch DLP before that I bought in 2005. It lasted 6 years and is totally dead now - despite replacing all the obvious items.
So, I'm getting that ... I dunno feeling about buying another Samsung display.

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Please help. Resurrecting an old thread here. My UN55D8000 has developed this same issue over the weekend. Is anyone aware of what the fix was? I'd hate to have to buy a new TV since this one is only 2yrs and 3months old and spent a hefty penny for it.
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The fix short answer: The panel was replaced.

Call Samsung Executive Customer Relations at 1-800-726-7864 and plead your case.

I called the Samsung Support line that I got from their web page first and I was basically told that I am an idiot and to pound sand. The rep told me that I had too many inputs in use and since I didn't use an AC line conditioner that I had broken my set. What nonsense!! The next day I called a local Samsung authorized service center and asked them if they've been seeing this model breakdown like I pictured above. YES ... and the fix is to replace the panel. They also told me that if I called the Executive line that I might have better luck with repair help. I called the Executive Customer Service line and told them that I wasn't happy with such an expensive television breaking down just 27 months after buying it. I also asked if they perhaps had a bad batch of televisions and why wouldn't Samsung want to help those customers? Shortly, the associate granted an out of warranty one-time parts only repair.
The labor cost $200 and I received a new panel.

I wonder if the panel that was in my set was defective from the factory because I saw from day one, dark vertical lines on the right side. It was most noticeable during white screen or almost any solid color. I could still see it in my favorite Blu Ray movie, "Avatar", but I just put up with it. The replacement panel is flawless! I tested the daylights out of the new panel and am amazed at how consistent it is. Simply flawless.

It could very well be that there was a line of defective panels produced that are now failing. Samsung was good enough to help me with the parts cost and I received a panel that is far superior to the original.

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The service center called me and he urged me to continue to call Samsung. He mentioned that he would keep the ticket open for 72hrs and hoped that I got to talk with that one lucky person. Well, I called again tonight and they approved parts and labor for a tcom and panel. If not for that call today from them I was actually going to purchase a Sony this evening. I'm a happy camper.
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Basically you got a new tv AND they paid for labor! I should have pressed for labor too but felt like scoring the panel replacement was as good as I could get. My new panel is just lovely!
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What's better about the new panel other than the obvious? Is it the same panel as their latest sets?
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I do not know if there is any hardware differences between the old failed panel and the replacement.
All I can tell is that the replacement panel is superb. The original panel always had dark sections on the right side. To describe it best, it appeared like a "JumboTron" with a few dim sections.
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hi guys...my tv just started doing the same thing...as soon as I google up...I came upon this...with so many people with the same problem and seeing how as soon as the warranty goes the screen goes...it seems Samsung has intentionally chose these components knowingly and purposely.  Is there anything we can do?  At this point i'm more then willing to start a petition, collect signatures and file with the federal business bureau.  This tv was not chump change and I could have went with a vizio for half the price and have it last but I figured you get what you pay for right?  This is very unethical business practice they are doing. 

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Hi ,

I purchase my tv around July 2011 and from last 2 to 3 month I start having same trouble. Don't know what to do.please help . If u r planing for petition I am in for that .what other choice we have ? Please guide if any one know anything.
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Bumping this thread up to current 01/14.

The date of manufacture of my UN55D8000 is March 2011, also the date of purchase. Manufacture according to the name plate was in Tijuana, Mexico although I expect assembly was there and the parts are Asian. November of 2013 is when issues appeared to me- call it 2 years and eight months. I do have conditioned power through an APC battery back up and the only source connection used on the Samsung is HDMI in to the ARC port from an Onkyo TX-NR809 HDMI out. The Onkyo sources FM, XM and internet radio internally and pushes video accompanying its internal sources and routes video from external sources DirecTV HD DVR, HTPC w/ Radeon 7770 vid card, Panny 3D DVD player, and PS3, all HDMI in to the Onkyo. There is no difference in the image issues dependant on which source is fed through the Onkyo and the Samsung Smart Hub and Samsung onboard menu are affected as well (picture below) indicating that external inputs are not causal. Any screen shot will show the same display failures.

Sometime around Thanksgiving 2013 my unit began to behave as described above. There are additional anomalies present including white horizontal lines (picture below) and blotching and ghosting. I was able to correct my issues sometimes by either applying moderate hand pressure to the edge of the screen near the top left (facing the screen) or by disconnecting power if the pressure trick did no good. I put a 6 outlet surge arrestor at a convenient location and plugged the Samsung into it to save the trip behind the set.

It became more frequent during December but with the holidays I didn't deal with it. Last week I called Square Trade who I had paid for an extended warranty. After I emailed photos of the banding they authorized a repair and the tech is coming tomorrow, 1/7/14. In the meantime they had a new T-con and a harness fedexed ahead. Clearly their first effort is going to be to affect repair in the same manner others have. Cost impact I expect drives the repair effort.

I will show the tech this thread although if he is Samsung authorized I bet he is well aware of the issue. As others have stated, at the price I paid for this, threeish for a flagship product, this is a bad turn of events. We have an eight year old Vizio hanging on the wall in our bedroom that cost less than a third and has been faultless. It doesn't offer the quality of picture or options the Samsung does, but it doesn't offer these screenshots either.

I will update as events unfold.

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Just now seeing this thread. I have the exact same unit and have repleced the display twice. The first time was about 1.5 years into my ownership and out of warranty. I convinced Samsung to cover this since it is their "flagship" product. The replecement display lasted about 60 days then did the same thing your photos depict. Since all replacement parts have a 90 day warranty they had to replace it again. At this point my expectations were very low that any new display was going to last very long. Well, it has been over a year and the new display is working well. One thing I noticed however, the first replacement display looked like a "refurbished" unit based on the packaging when the serivce tech came to the house. The second one was in a new Samsung package and was shipped ahead of the tech. I believe they have better quality displays they send in for this situation but you would never get Samsung to admit that. Good luck.
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There were some scheduling complications but the tech arrived 1/9. He installed the T-con board and the flat cable.

The results are not good. While he was here the set showed a magenta blotching on the right side and a lined, low res kind of overlay. Since his visit, it has demonstrated similar fails to those it displayed before the parts swap.

The good news is, it is self correcting now and it was not before. If I leave it alone the effects will fade shortly.

He has requested both a new mainboard and a new panel. "New" may be refurb. He has no way of knowing.

I was lucky, relatively, that the TV immediately provided a display error. The tech got the chance to see it and move the process forward without an intermediate window with me recording failures and going through a second set of phone tag that seems to accompany any warranty work anymore. We are going straight to the next step.

I'll go a week to give the shipping activity a chance to play out. I'll be calling Square Trade one way or the other by Thursday to seek resolution. Hopefully it's to schedule the tech for a return visit because the parts have gotten here.
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Last Thursday a replacement panel and a main board arrived. If I had to guess I would say the panel is a refurb or NOS. Just not packaged to the degree that I expect of "new". Kind of a moot point because Square Trade has provided what I paid for, service and warranty after the Samsung warranty expired.

The tech returned today and swapped them in. He told my wife that we should watch carefully for issues in the next 90 days. I will do that, not because Square Trade does not have responsibility beyond that. This is the second year of a four year warranty. More important is that if it reoccurs during this claim cycle going to the next step is automatic. If I get beyond 90 days it might reset the clock and the same steps would have to be done again.

So at this stage in two visits the tech has replaced the T-con board and the flat harness, and today replaced the panel and the main board.

My room gets too much afternoon sun to do adjustments. I'll run WOW in the evening and tweak the picture then. I will post some pix in a few days.

A little opining. I am not prone to buying extended warranties. In this case I did. To each his own but the parts and house calls to date more than ate up the cost of the extended warranty, probably by a factor of three or four times the cost and I still have two years of warranty left. At the end of five years I will have gotten the full life out of the set and if it dies then so be it. If I wondered about the value of paying for that warranty on the front end, I am done worrying now.
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