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H55 and XB31  

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I know that the XB 31 should "belong" to the other forum but since I'm looking for a pj I'm asking myself:

H55 or XB31, I also know that the price range ore different but the specs of the xb31 are superb....
which unit will deliver the best image for HT 4:3 s-video use ?

Thanks for your help!
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These are also my first two choices. Both use the 12 degree mirrors, have x2 speed color wheels, are 4:3, and are quiet. However, the xb31 has approx. twice the brightness and contrast (if the specs. can be believed) and costs $1000 less. However, my understanding is that the H55 has been optimized for home theater (gamma settings, color wheel clear segment, etc.) and looks better straight out of the box. The H55 also has a longer warranty (3 yrs. vs. 2) has a longer bulb life since it has an economy mode and the xb31 doesn't. Also, I have heard that the H55 has an excellent deinterlacer which would make it a good choice for s-video. The H55 also has a 16:9 mode which is needed for input from a DVD player. I have not heard anything regarding the deinterlacer or 16:9 in the xb31.

Please keep in mind that all of the above has been gleaned from the site and I have not been able to see either of these projectors first-hand. I am planning to wait a couple months before making a purchase as I expect the future of the DLP market will be much clearer after infocomm.
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