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So when is this thing coming out?

Looks amazing..

But is it finally going to come out? and how much?

I'm about to pickup a Epson 5010/6010 and have a white room, white walls, white ceiling, and a sliding glass door with white vertical blinds to deal with.

I thought picking a projector would be hard!! but the screen is driving me nuts.

I need an drop down screen since I want day to day morning cartoons for the kids to be on the 50" plasma, then for movie night and when I'm sitting for more than an hour I want to dorp down the projector.

I was about to get the Da-Lite High Power 110" cosmpolitan.

I'm only 10' back witha 13' throw. I'm renting now but I think even when I move I want this setup, which is TV for most viewing and dropping down a screen in front of it.

I then after reading a 100 threads saw the DNP supernova Flex

But how much is that thing?

Originally I thought 1K for da-lite.. but I might spend up to R2500 for something nicer. I really want to view with ambient light, and at night I like the idea of the black diamond having light absorption and less light reflecting back onto the white ights etc.