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Sub(s) for a good size room

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Hi all

I am looking to upgrade my 8" Onkyo HTIB sub for my theater room. My room is an "L" shape that has a staircase and a 5'x8' opening up to the kitchen level. The room itself is roughly 2,950 cubic feet. There is no sound proofing of any kind at this time. Usage is 10% music, 30% TV, 60% Movies. We are fans of movies like Transformers, Iron Man, Real Steel, Underworld, Resident Evil, etc. so a lot of good deep bass is a must. Budget is 1k or under and don't really have any room to stretch above that.

What would you experts recommend for my upgrade?I have always had my eye on the HSU VTF-15, and have recently been interested in dual Epik Legends. I don't really have any good reasons why those have been stuck in my head, other than positive reviews and have a good rep around here. I am not against dual subs if that gives the best sound. Whatever is going to give me the deep, tight bass that can handle my type of movies.

Thanks a lot guys, I really appreciate any help or info you can offer!
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hiya Nabu...
I think you should get the Hsu VTF 15. It's the one you want, right? It's a fantastic performer, and it'll keep you from wondering.... what if... smile.gif
disclaimer... I have 2 VTF3 mk 3's, The 15 wasn't available when I purchased, but one 15 is said (by the good Dr Hsu himself) to have the output of 2 VTF3's.
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Nabu, I agree with the statement above. I have dual Epik Legends, but my listening
room is very small (1400/1500 cu ft). Dual Legends go down to about 20hz, but
the VTF-15H will go lower and put out a lot more sound than dual Legends.

I like my Legends (especially for music,,,,I have many DVD concerts) and they are
great for home theater (a lot of mid bass slam), but in a room your size, the HSU would
serve you well. I have much respect for the customer service of HSU, I've had MANY
of their subs, and being local to their facility (I've been there half dozen times)....they
are great people to deal with, from Dr. Hsu, Peter, etc..they have always taken good
care of me and their products are extremely well built.

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