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HDMI Splitter question

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Can anyone tell me if there is a gadget that will let me turn ONE HDMI output into TWO that both have a live signal at the same time, but does not require another electric connection? What I want to do is route the HDMI Output from my DVR to both my audio receiver and my TV set, but SEPARATELY at the same time.
I KNOW I can route it to the receiver, and then the output of the receiver HDMI to the TV, that is how i have it now, but I have good reason for wanting to do both directly from the DVR, so that I can be WATCHING the DVR on the TV while i am LISTENING To something else on the receiver.
I tried one of those cheapy Chinese HDMI splitters on EBAY but I could not get it to send signal to both devices at the same time. Thank you.smile.gif
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HDMI splitters that take their power from the 5V line of the HDMI cable have a poor track record. OTOH there are many inexpensive HDMI splitters that come with their own power supplies that work just fine.
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Another suggestion would be to use a different audio ouput to hook up between your DVR and audio receiver. Chances are your DVR has either a optical or coaxial digital audio out which you can hook up to your AV receiver to accomplish the same thing. This will most likely work just as well and be the cheaper solution than trying to use an HDMI splitter.
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