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antenna cable to Projector ??

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Hello all,

Apologies if this thread has been here before, I searched avs and only found 1 similar older thread without an answer.

So my wife and I dropped cable, and currently have an "HD" antenna hooked directly into the TV to watch cable.

We will be moving and would like to avoid getting cable, we really only watch nbc, fox, local channels, etc..... but we would like to watch on our projector which is an epson 8700 ub. Is there any sort of device that has a coax in for the antenna to HDMI or Component out to watch tv on the projector? I searched some convertors but didnt really find anything that might do it.

If anyone could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it! Thanks! smile.gif


Would something like this work??


Any other suggestions on equipment people have used?
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That box should work fine. It has both HDMI and Component out to your projector and can receive all of the digital broadcast channels. You will also need to run either the spdif or rca cables to your audio system.
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Thanks for the reply! Im trying to find reviews on that piece of equipment, but I think that should work ok.

My projector goes into my Onkyo reciever via HDMI...so I should be able to plug this into my 2nd HDMI port and that should work ok with sound? Or does does RCA have to be hooked up as well for sound? Thanks! biggrin.gif
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Which Onkyo receiver?

If the Channel Master (and the Onkyo) does audio over HDMI, then you don't need additional cables. Just hook up to one of the HDMI inputs on the Onkyo and hook the projector to the output.

If it's an older Onkyo receiver (like circa 2007 or so) you may need additional cables, depending on the model.
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Its a 509, newer I guess. Youre right plugging into hdmi should work fine(had a brain fart). Thanks!

Can you recommened any other models? Maybe under 100?
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Any ATSC tuner will work if you're just trying to get things off the air. That Channel Master does (limited) cable tuning; that's why it's $130.

Any of what they used to call the CECB (coupon eligible converter boxes) would be around $40-$100. Check out the HDTV Technical or HDTV reception forums here for specific models.

Yeah, that Onkyo is fine. It's several model years into audio over HDMI.
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