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My Sharpvision DT-400 has finally died...

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Hi Everyone... my Sharpvision DT-400 has finally died (R.I.P.) and I need to find a replacement. I loved the DT-400 picture quality-- fantastic bright,/saturated colors (I like the look of a DLP) projected on a 135 inch screen (complete light control). My experience with seeing other projectors is that most of them for under $3000 did not compare at the time... not as bright and not as theater like in color reproduction. For the lack of auditioning resources today (many home theater stores around me have closed), it's very difficult to audition projectors as I originally did. Can somebody please give me a starting point for equaling or exceeding the brightness/saturation and overall picture quality of the DT-400? 3D would be nice but not necessary. I suppose 1080p (vs. my current 720p 16:9) is more-or-less a given.

Thank you for any advice.


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BTW... the Sharpvision DT-400 is essentially the XV-Z2000 from the same time.
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Any thoughts on the BenQ W7000? Would I be happy with the colors/brightness? I'm curious how the blacks would compare to my current PJ. There's no way for me to see this one without driving to another state.
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I would take a look at the Optoma HD33 its only flaw is its 2d black level. B&H in NY is selling a refurb for a little over $1100 shipped. I had a HP 6100 720p with very simular specs as yours HD33 will blow it away on all aspects. The next in line is the ACER h9500 about $500 more better blacks, some lense shift, but has some problems that might be fixed. If I had the extra money this would have been my choice. I can't coment on the Benq its way out of my price range but I beleave it has great ratings. I have refurbed HD33 for two months now replaceing an Epson 6100 LCD (Better Blacks but two many other flaws)
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rekbones, Thanks for the advice. I'm going to research those projectors. When originally looking at projectors I was always impressed by the Optomas, unfortunately; my local dealer no longer carries projectors. The price is nice too.
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BTW... is it just me, or are projectors these days brighter on average as compared to 2004-2005?
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Yes they are brighter. For 3D you will need a bright projector because the glasses absorb about 70% of the light.
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SiggUA, this is good news. Sounds like finding a replacement projector could be easier than I thought. 3D will only be a novelty for me... so if it's a little dim for 3D, I can live with it.
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I too own the XV-z2000/DT-400. I'm actually on my 2nd bulb now and its time for a 3rd. I'll wait for the bulb to pop before I install a new one though.tongue.gif

As to the picture quality, i love it. 1000+ lumens, 720p native, component outs (yeah, i'm old fashioned that way) and I'm considering those bulb-only ebay specials for about $100. I got the projector pretty cheap back then anyways and I have a backup XV-z2000 in my closet which I'm considering converting to a LED (I'm pretty sure I know which are the bypass circuits to solder and fool the projector from thinking it has a dead lamp).

Not real interested in 3d as I wear prescription glasses and not in the mood to put on a set above that just to watch a movie.

I haven't decided to replace it with yet, but it will probably be LED-based. I'm hoping that when the projector dies for real, 1080p LEDs for $500 will be available.

Good luck on your replacement.

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