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Earthquake Subwoofer

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I have a Earthquake 600w Super Nova subwoofer which had problems. I had to replace the control module,and after waiting 2-3 months for the repair I watched a movie only to have other problems.
The control module was replaced with a Mini-Me unit as they do not make the Super Nova model any more. The problem I have now is that the unit switches itself off when you go over half volume,and does not have the same thump as before. All repairs were done by a quaiffied repairer. Can anyone help?
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contact the repair center
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I have contacted the repairer and was told he will talk to teck from Earthquake. Still has 11 months warenty on the part.
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I broke my supernova with Tron and just emailed tech@earthquakesound.com and they helped me out.
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My problem is I am in Australia, [ Brisbane ] and the importer is in Melbourne 3 states away. I have contacted them again and was told that Earthquake do have a control module for the Super Nova, and they were given the wrong info and installed a module that did not have the power to suit the speakers. I now have to wait for the replacement part [4 months and $800.00 later, $600.00 for the part and $200.00 for the labour] all I have is a expensive Supernova coffe table in my home theatre room.
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Earthquake ... Super Nova

Well, that escalated quickly wink.gif
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I have no problems with the product . It does shake and rattle the house,but it is embarresing when people come over to watch a movie, I carn't use my sub. I am not happy because of how long it has taken to fix this problem.
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It sounds as though the repair person wasn't terribly qualified, so it might be better to contact Earthquake directly. It appears the repair was done by someone who doesn't have much concern for the type of job he does, and Earthquake may not approve of such a thing.
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I have no problems with the repairer. When my sub died I rung around to find someone to repair it mainly because the box and speakers are still like new. The repairer was told by the Earthquake importer in Melbourne that Earthquake in America didn't make the control module for the Supernova anymore but could be replaced with the Mini-me controller. I got the sub fixed and after 3 months of waiting I finally got it back. When I watched "War of the worlds", the sub had no guts,made a lot of noise ,but had no thump.I contacted the repairer who then contacted Earthquake in Melbourne,and he was told that the Mini-me unit was not compatable with my speakers but they had found a control module/amp for a Super Nova in America and would get one over from the states in the next order. I just have to wait AGAIN,and as soon as my repairer gets the part I'll get it back straight away. The only problem I had with the sub when I first brought it was that it would shake photo's off the walls, my down lights would drop from the ceiling,and I think if I turned the volume up full it would probably rearange the furniture in my home theatre room. THAT'S WHAT I MISS I am annoyed that it is taking so long to fix.
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