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Do not order from Elemental Designs

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I am sorry for this being my first post, but I have been lurking here for awhile. I always hated when people bash companies on forums but I am so fed up with elemental designs that I would hate for someone to go through the same thing i did.

Anyway, back on Nov. 20th I ordered 125 ft of edead 45 because they were having a sale. I waited and waited and weeks turned into months and nothing. I called and they kept telling me that it was still backordered. I grew tired of waiting and the lack of updates from them so I decided to finally throw in the towel in June 2012 (yes 7 months later). I talked to Alex who said that he would refund my money via check because he did not want to lose money through paypal transfer. I believed him and waited for the check. Again I waited I even received an email stating they sent a check. I never received my check nor any response. The lack of communication from this business is impressive.

So caution to everyone who orders from elemental designs.

I do have to sing the praises of paypal however. They did refund me half the cost of my purchase.
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That would piss me off too.
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What is "edead 45"? Is that a receiver or amp?
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Can't say I'm overly shocked. I ordered a sub platform from them once. Took about a month to receive it and only after I had bugged them about it. Not exactly a company I'd care to do a lot of business with in the future.
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Originally Posted by Sam S View Post

What is "edead 45"? Is that a receiver or amp?

I think it's foam that can be used inside doors to help keep sound in in cars.

OP's correct though about eD. They've had various issues for a few years now. They don't sell AVR's, or processors though. They did (used to?) sell amps, and alot of em had issues and eD's warranty is pretty bad for their amps. If anyone is planning on buying 1 of their subs, or their speakers, BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!!

There's been alot of rumors of them going under or at least having all kinds of money issues.

Just check out all the horror stories in the Speakers and also the Subs forum here at AVS.
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Elemental Designs has always been terrible. eDead is a crappy product. Even worse, they're known for ripping their subwoofer manufacturers off, and their customer service is junk. Their flat-cone subs were some of the least reliable subs made, and their car amps have/had crappy reliability as well.

For decent sound deadening on the cheap, I recommend RAAMMat v2 or SoundDeadenerShowdown. For good stuff, Second Skin.
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