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New purchase Sharp LC-60LE845U Clouding - should I return it before attempting calibration ?

Poll Results: Would you return this set due to the clouding?

  • 66% (2)
    Yes, the tv shouldn't have that much.
  • 33% (1)
    No, that is about as good as you can expect.
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Haven't posted in a few year as I was happily enjoying my Sony 52" XBR5 except for the motion blur but recently decided to make a new purchase on a LED tv. The XBR5 was one of the first 120hz models out when I purchased it and spent a lot of money on it, after having it calibrated by the Best Buy ISF technician I never fell in love with it.

I got used to the flashlight effect and some clouding on the Sony set and was hoping a lot of that would be absent from this new Sharp.

I did do some research before buying and there have been several customers who have had issues but from what I could find that was pretty much the norm for all LED's in this price range roughly 60" and 240hz around $2,000.00

I scheduled to have the ISF technician out on this coming Monday and spent the past couple days looks at all the features of the new set and playing with the 3D and Cinemotion "SOE". When the SOE is set to high there is a lot of frame rate issues and some bluring, it almost looks like when the digital cable box signal is acting up and cutting out.

I was using the Moster Cable M-Series HDMI cable that I purchased with my XBR5 and it said it was Hi-Speed but I couldn't get the PS3 to recognize the 3D TV. Come to find out that was due to the Sony DH-800 not being able to pass-through Blu-Ray 3D bummer, so I had to run PS3 diretly to tv.

We watched some of Transformers and very quickly I noticed the clouding, right at the opening scene. If this was your set would you exchange it?

I purchased this bundle earlier today: http://www.curtpalme.com/ChromaPure_EyeOneDisplay3.shtm

Was looking forward to calibrating my first set before the ISF tech came out, now I am debating canceling the appointment and rolling the dice that the replacement tv won't be as bad as this.

Made me sick when the Best Buy guy brought my tv from the back room on his dolly standing upright.

Tooks these photos a few minutes ago with the iPhone, not real great quality ut you can see the clouds.

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If it is obvious and bothers you then yes return it.

calibration won't fix it.
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I was expecting more replies, maybe this topic has been covered so many times.

I guess my big concern or issue is if this is an acceptable ammount of clouding and what my expectations should be on this version of LCD.

Thanks for your reply, I already cut up the styrofome and but the XBR in the Sharp box. It is going to be a pain exchanging it unless they work with me, otherwise I assume I will have to buy another one and bring it home to swap it out and return it.
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I have seen a lot of other models of recent Sharps, and this is not out of line at all considering the overall average. There is a chance your replacement set could be worse.
I normally turn the Cinema mode SOE setting off. 120Hz setting could be experimented with, some people like 120Hz High or Low, some like it off. On the models that have a 240Hz setting, that position normally lowers light output and has little to no benefit on motion.
Since you've ordered CP and a good meter, I'd recommend doing the calibration yourself rather than having BB do it. They might mess it up and you'll end up with purple skin tones or worse. Calibrate the CMS at 75% sat/75% lum.
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thanks Chad,

When I first saw the clouds I tried convincing myelf it was just a glare or reflection, now while watching something all I can do is look as the blobs on the screen.

I'm pretty excited about getting my own meter, I was playing with the settings on tv using AVS 709.

What has been the reputation for the Best Buy ISF techs?
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Regarding cinemotion or SOE I just want to add that my wife really likes it, she watched an episode of True Blood the other night and she commented it was like she was there.

Some other comments have been it kinda looks like it is a low budget film now though.

Either way any reason to get the wife excited about me spending 2k on a new tv we didn't really "need", I am for.
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Originally Posted by sotti View Post

If it is obvious and bothers you then yes return it.

+1, only you can decide if it's acceptable or not (also, those pics might be downplaying the issue since they look very dark and are taken from quite far back)
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Originally Posted by ShaunB1980 View Post

What has been the reputation for the Best Buy ISF techs?

It's been somewhat mixed; generally poor, though. A few people get lucky and end up happy, but they are outnumbered by those who have gotten rushed or just plain shameful results. I have personally fixed several BB calibrations that went awry.

There are several threads here dealing with it. One is the "Customer reports of their professional calibrations" thread. I believe there is discussion of BB throughout, especially in the later posts.
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Originally Posted by Chad B View Post

Calibrate the CMS at 75% sat/75% lum.

Is this a good idea only on the Sharp's or does it apply to most displays?
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I haven't done that particular test on enough other displays to know for sure. I tried it on a Panasonic plasma and felt that it resulted in too much color.

The Sharps benefit greatly, though, and I believe it's because the color gets a bit non linear near 100% sat. You can easily run into the stops of the CMS control at 75% levels/100% sat, still not get the desired measured result, and severely mess up the image along the way. However, at least on the one I tried recently, at 75/75 the CMS worked beautifully and subjective visual impressions matched the measurements.
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Thanks for the replies, I can say the tv looks worse then in the pictures. I didn't say that before as I was hoping to get the ol "that looks like shat, take it back" comments, so then I know I wasn't being too picky.

I read the posts regarding BB ISF techs and I have to agree that it goes to both extremes, I would consider doing this myself for friends and family but need something to compare my results to.

My XBR5 was calibrated twice by 2 different BB techs, the first tech didn't know what he was doing and wasn't familiar with Blu-Ray and the PS3 at the time. The 2nd tech showed up with the Blu-Ray patterns disk and at least had some answers to my questions. Doesn't matter now if those answers were wrong, hopefully this time I am more prepared and if he can't answer a few questions then I will have to ask him to leave.

As for returning the set BB is going to bring out a new set and take the old one on Friday, this was really convenient for me not to have to make 2 more trips.

My i1 Display Pro and Chromapure should be here by then which will give me the weekend to get some numbers before the tech shows up.

Is there an easy way to find ISF Calibrators in your state?

I have read several pages and didn't see any listed.
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Actually Chad you aren't too far from Fort Wayne, IN are you?

You near Cleveland?
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Not far at all. I'm actually from just north of Dayton. smile.gif
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You want to PM me some prices if interested to calibrate my set?

I still have some time to canx the BB visit on Monday.

Not sure if you are a gun guy but if you are you might be in for a treat.


Barter for some long guns?
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Regarding the "reputation" of Best Buy calibrators... all you have to do is search on AVS for "Best Buy calibration" and you'll find it's about 10% positive and 90% negative.
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