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Dealing With Panasonic Service  

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After only a few hours of use, my otherwise perfect Panasonic 711XU had developed a stuck blue pixel almost dead center. Knowing that the general policy is that several dead pixels is usually within spec and would therefore not be covered by warranty, I decided I could live with it.

Then I changed my mind.

So I called my salesman, who graciously called Panasonic, and learned the following:

Many of Panasonic’s projectors (including the 711XU) are covered by their “Panazip†program. Under this program, Panasonic will, for a period of 3 years:

a) repair (at their expense) stuck pixels from projectors purchased from authorized dealers (which mine was),
b) provide a free loaner while it is being repaired, and
c) pay for round-trip shipping.

So I called Panasonic today.


Without any argument, they agreed to overnight a replacement projector. When I receive theirs, I will return mine for service in a pre-paid box. When repaired, I will receive mine back and will then return their loaner.

I therefore do not lose a single day of projector use, am not incurring a cent of outlay, and end up retaining my otherwise perfect projector.

I can’t but help be impressed with Panasonic’s service!

So if you’re weighing projector choices and, if all else is equal between the projectors, one is covered by the Panazip program and the other isn’t, well, the choice should then be obvious.
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That's great to know, Wolfgang. Thanks for the update. Thaxx, have you gotten yours back yet?
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So whats the chance someone that bought one from *ahem*Japan could get in on this program? :)
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The good news
I, too, am very impressed with Panasonic's Panazip's program, but more importantly their willingness to fix my one pixel problem. The dealer said it was within "manufacturer's spec's", yet Panasonic will fix it free of charge?

The bad news
It's been over a month and still no fixed projector. They said they are out of panels and have to get a new shipment from Japan. That could take until mid July!! They are trying to find an alternative source, but still no good ETA.

Bottom line is that I'm very glad I got a Panny. Stuck pixel's are a common problem with LCD panels, so chances are you may have a prob. Very good to have a manufacturer stand behind their product like Panasonic, since most dealers will not.
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Yes, I got mine back yesterday. I'm sending back the loaner today.
It's just like wolfgang armbru said, no down time without a pj and 0 cost, and most of all no hassles to weather they will fix it under warantee.

They just sent me the loaner in a metal case,with a UPS return label, and I put mine in the same case and call UPS to pick it up. It took them 2 months to get it back to me because the parts were on back order, but I got to put 350 hours on there loaner at no charge. And like wolfgang armbru said, Thats for 3 years. You can't beat that service.
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thanks for the info!
Anyway, is the same special treatment and policy applies for DLP products? Seems like Panasonic knows the virtue of good customer service. (of course, you bought it from an authorized dealer)
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In addition to the Panazip program Panasonic also has a "intial exchange program" that allows the buyer to exchange the PJ is found defective within the first 7 days. Or it may be 10days. This is handled through the dealer. And they don't advertise this well but I used it when I received my first 75U and it was exchanged without any problems.

I used to be a critic of Panasonic products but have recently been happy with a DVD, MINIDV camcorder, VCR and the PJ.
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Here is the conclusion to my tale of dealing with Panasonic in repairing a single, stuck pixel.

After 3 weeks of using Panasonic’s free loaner while mine was in repair, I received my projector back from Panasonic. The projector included a note that they had replaced, free, the blue panel. Immediately tested the pj…it is now once again perfect!

Recapping :

Stuck pixels…1
Days for service…20
Days without use of pj…0
Cost for shipping…$0
Cost for loaner pj…$0
Cost for service…$0
Cost for parts…$0
Time spent arguing with Panasonic…0
Cost for Panazip program…$0

Truly impressive customer service. Need I say more?
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