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Help with setup  

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We have a Epson Powerlite 70c projector at work and my boss is letting me bring it home to try it in my home theater. I understand that this is not even close to the best unit for home theater but it's the only one I have access to. I am currently using 50 " RPTV with a nice sound system and I thought it would be a relatively simple task to set this test up.

How should I hook up the projector? Should I connect an s-video cable from the DVD right to the projector? How far away from the wall can I be? Any advise you have would be great. This is the direction my next home theater will take.
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S-video is better than composite if you have to choose. Even better use a PC for DVD playback. Also called HTPC it is an entire forum just for the HTPC.

Since it is not yours yet just set on a table and see what size you get. Want it bigger go farther away, smaller closer to the screen. Try to avoid using the electronic keystone adjustments and similar. Using that can introduce artifacts. Move the projector instead.

Get it as dark as possible.

If you later want to have PJ yourself, go look at LCD, DLP, and used CRTs in the low price range. A used CRT these days gives the most bang for the buck. Handling such a beast is a different story.

I have also seen the Plus piano and Yamaha DPX-1 both are very good, but suffers from rainbow.

Everything is a compromise.
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I'm on the way home to give it a try. This should be very cool.
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Great I could help you. Can you report back .I am curious. It is all always exciting to help newbies. I was one of them only a year ago.
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Well it looked OK. I hooked it up to my G4 laptop with headphones and projected it on a wall in my house. The image was about 100" wide 16:9. I think I understand what the screen door effect is but this was not an optimal setup, I didn't even try to adjust the color. My final thoughts, my next home theater will most likely be front projection. You can't beat the size and with the right equipment I'm sure the picture would be 100% better.
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You should try with a smaller picture. 100" wide is really big. I think 70-90" diagnoal would be better.
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