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Yamaha RX-V571 and Analog Upconversion

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I am looking to replace a Onkyo HTIB receiver that bit the dust on me. With a small budget of only about $300, I have pretty much settled on the Yamaha RX-V571 because I want 7.1 and I want Analog Upconversion...from what I read about it. Problem is I've never had a receiver with that capability and want to be sure it is going to do what I think it does.

I want to plug all nature of old fashioned video games into this thing with just composite cables (I'll be running them into an 8 into 1 switcher box, then that into the receiver). NES, SNES, Genesis, etc. I want to run only an HDMI cord to OUT my monitor.

Now I know that is basically the definition of the process, and this Yamaha has this feature checked off in all the reviews as "yes". But one or two reviews on Amazon (I know, I know) state that this receiver exactly DOESN'T do that. So I am a little paranoid.

Does this receiver do what I want? Is there possible a BETTER receiver around the same price someone might want to say "hey look at this one". Is upconversion a 100% process or is it spotty machine by machine/source by source?

Any help is much appreciated. I tend to only read up on tech when I am buying...and as my last Onkyo was about 6 years old...I am way out of the loop and would appreciate more educated advice than an Amazon review. Sorry for what I know is probably a pretty dumb Q but some reassurance will make me feel way better about placing the order!
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I'm looking for a new AVR myself and was researching the RX-v571 when I came upon your languishing post and joined the forum just to answer you. smile.gif You probably already made a decision by now but what the heck. If I understand what I'm reading it will upconvert analog via HDMI out.

"1080p Video Upscaling: The RX-V571 is capable of outstanding upscaling and i/p conversion quality. This AV Receiver will upscale video signals from analog-to-HDMI and HDMI-to-HDMI, up to 1080p. This means a much better picture with HDTVs capable of 720p, 1080i or 1080p resolution. The receiver also features extremely precise motion adaptive and edge adaptive deinterlacing and multi-cadence detection (including 3-2 pull-down)."

Here's the link to the Crutchfield page: http://www.crutchfield.com/S-3JAxoXxYaiu/p_022RXV571/Yamaha-RX-V571.html#details-tab

So did you get it or something else? I am suddenly looking for a new AVR as the center channel of my 20 year old Sony STR-D790 bit the dust 2 days ago. It's been failing bit by bit over the last couple years (buttons failing, etc) but losing the speaker channels is pretty much its death knell. My budget is only around $300 and its very hard to find anything that upscales in that price range.
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Thanks for the reply Luna!

Well I hesitated then and am now kicking myself. I didn't have wife clearance to spend the money then, so I waffled. Then she says "go ahead and do it for an early Xmas gift on Black Friday" and by the time I go back it's 370$.

So I'd still like the Yamaha. But only at 300$ and it may not see that price again from a vendor I trust. I am also looking at a few receivers for around 300$ s with 7.1 and analog upconvert (and ANY advice is welcome from anyone!):

Onkyo RC360: $300 and seems like a great package for the money. But onkyo quality scares me from what I am reading and I can personally attest to Onkyo "service" not being great. The 515 and even 616 can be found for not much more but again....HDMI issues and lots of forum posts on onkyo support have me worried.
Pioneer 1022-K: $250 and probably the best bargain but only 80 watts per channel. Little worried about that as it seems weak.
Sony STR-DN1010: $270 and looks to do all I need. But I am just not too experienced with Sonys.

And of course if something good happens on black friday/cyber monday whatever that might be able to expand my range of selection (I really was kind of set on Yamaha and am now interested in the brand).

Any advice from anyone would be welcome in regards to these or similar receivers. I lurk a lot but don't post much (Obviously) and need the help!
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