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HT Cabinet Setup. Wire routeing, Power and Cooling.

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Hi All,

I have a cabinet in my family room that I would like to store my A/V components in. As of right now there is no cooling, no wiring, and no power. I am looking for some recommendations on how I should cool the cabinet and run the wiring. My basement is unfinished so I plan to run the wires as needed through the basement. Beneath the bottom shelf is the sub floor so I will have to drill through that for any air flow, I assume. I can't vent out the back of the cabinet because the back faces the kitchen area.I have attached pictures of the cabinet and the mock up of A/V components I'll store there as best I could. If you need any more details please feel free to ask.






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As you're suspecting, the components will actually create quite a bit of heat - my PS3 is like a furnace!

I think that you have the equipment on the right shelves - amps on top, then sources, then the surge protector on the bottom.

One of the challenges you have with the solid shelves is getting airflow/circulation - you have to be able to get air in, over each piece of equipment, and then out. One solution would be to drill a series of decent-sized holes in each shelf to allow bottom-to-top flow of air or you could keep the shelves intact and do a left-to-right flow.

You'll have to use a fan (or fans) to move the air - passive convection won't be sufficient (especially when you shut the doors!). You said there is a sub-floor under the unit - and under this is the basement? If so, that's great - you'll have an almost unlimited source of cool air; it also gives you you opportunity to mount the fans outside of the cabinet, making them inaudible.

I can't see exactly from the photographs, but it looks like you may have space in the very top of the enclosure to build a "false ceiling" - kind of a plenum chamber - that you could then vent back down to the basement if you went the "bottom-to-top" venting route.

I don't know how much detail you want to get into, but here's a great document from Middle Atlantic (the "rack people") that does a really good job of discussing some of the fundamentals of what you're trying to do:


Not sure if any of these ramblings help, but at least it's a start!

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I like rack mounting equipment. Can all of those devices, or most, fit into a cabinet rack frame?

Slide out is nice, but pretty pricey. Middle Atlantic CRF or other brand might be a consideration.

From your pic, the air return to the basement could travel down through that empty space to the right of the cabinet, from the top of the cabinet (probably hollow).
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That pull-out rack is pretty sweet.

Here my "poor-man" slide out. Some carpentry and 2 bottom-mount steel-balls sliders.

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