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Floor or Tabletop Projector Mounts  

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Since ceiling mounting is not an option for me, I'd be very interested to hear about where others are placing their projectors.

I've seen the recent thread from one person who mounted their AE100 on an adjustable speaker stand, but I'm concerned about the stability of that particular setup.

Has anyone else had any success with other floor or tabletop-based setup options? It would seem like the ideal floor mount would be a mobile caddy on castors, that allowed height adjustment maybe from 20 to 60 inches.
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king roland,
I posted a similar thread earlier this week, and no one answered it!!!!! So, I will be so kind as to give you an answer. If you are looking for a projector stand, I recommend the Da-Lite #PH800-1250 Telescopic Column Projector Stand. It's top has a range of 21.5"-49.5" in 2" increments. I'm sure Jason @ AVS can get it for you if you are interested.
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Thanks for the reply. I actually own the da-lite cart model you referenced, and in general, it works pretty well. However, the unit definitely does not extend down to 21.5 inches. I don't have the exact measurements handy, but I believe its lowest tray height is actually something like 28 inches, which is a little taller than optimal for my setup.

One of the reasons I'm posting this thread is actually to try to find some alternatives to this unit.

By the way, has anyone tried putting their projector on the lower shelf of one of those multi-tier coffee tables? I'm wondering if it creates any over heating problems.
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king roland,
I didn't know that the stand only went down to 28". I wonder if you take the wheels off, it will be a couple of inches lower in height. Originally, I was planning on the purchase of a Plus Piano w/ the optional Tilt Tabletop Stand. I do have a multi-level coffee table, and the lower shelf + stand + projector + vertical offset = would have given me almost a perfect shot at the screen. But, I have since decided on the AE100, so it will be ceiling mounted. I figure as long as there is enough air flow, you should be able to set it on the lower shelf of a coffee table. Just make sure the pj you plan on using as an "Up-angle Vertical Offset" figure, which the Panasonic AE100 has a "Down-angle Vertical Offset" figure (which the bottom of the projected image is down from the lens center). Let me know if you have any more questions. -Dan
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I suppose taking the wheels off would decrease the height by a couple of inches. However, then the unit becomes immobile, which would be a big trade off just to be able to lower it by 2 inches.

I actually already have an AE100 as well. (I know it's just coincidence, but it's interesting that you keep naming the equipment I'm already using!) = )

I'm not sure what you mean by "Down-angle Vertical Offset". Are you talking about the image-flip function that you use when you want to mount the pj upside down? Or are you talking about keystone correction? Either way, I'm pretty sure almost all projectors have these functions. If you're talking about the image-flip function, I'm not sure how this would help me, since I'm not doing a ceiling mount....
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king roland,
I am talking about the anlge at which the image exits the pj lens. Each digital pj has a different projection angle (I wrote in a post a couple of weeks back to someone about this very same thing). Take for instance the Plus Piano. Projecting a 16:9 image on an 80" (diagonal) 16:9 screen, the bottom of the image is 17.7" higher than the center of the lens. This is an example of an "Up-angle" (I'm not sure what the exact technical term for it is). Now, for the same image and screen size using the Panasonic AE100, the bottom of the projected image will be 2.18" lower than the center of the lens (which I'll call "Down-angle"). These properties are also present when the image is flipped for ceiling mounting. So, in having the Piano mounted from the ceiling, our example image would be projector 17.7" lower than the lens center (just think of it as being reversed because the image has been digitally flipped). Since you have a Panasonic AE100, in ceiling mount config., the top of the image will be 2.18" higher than the lens center. I have studied many digital projectors from their manuals (I have quite a few manuals saved on a special formatted CD-RW), and have found that every one has a different projection angle for it's image. I hope I have been able to describe this for you (I sometimes have trouble putting my thoughts into words, my fingers can't keep up with my brain!!!!). Let me know if you have any other questions. -Dan
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1) Ceiling mode, PJ upside-down with rubber feets to allow air circulation on shelf or TV wall mount against back wall near ceiling (ceiling mount without injuring the ceiling).

2) Table mode, PJ right-side up on shelf or TV wall mount against back wall right above your head--noisy--with PJ aiming downward (put book under rear legs) to get image off ceiling (screen will need to be angled so bottom of screen is towards you by using bungie cords or prop sticks behind screen to avoid keystoning--digital keystone correction not advisable due to image degradation).

3) Under couch (build a platform for couch and put PJ underneath or 4 sturdy stools or leg extensions for couch to sit on). Great for hushing noise and hiding cables if you don't mind sitting higher--not good for pets or kids.

4) Under coffee table (build a shelf hanging from coffee table +/- hole for lens opening if front of table hangs down too much). Again watch out for pets licking lens and kids fingerprints. This acts as partial hushbox so great for quieting PJ.

5) In hushbox placed on floor between 2 lazyboys, couches, loveseats, etc.--if hushbox has optical glass or filter then it should protect PJ lens from pets and kids.

6) Camera Tripod--stability is an issue. OK if you're living by yourself

7) On coffee table as it was meant to be--not great for kids or pets. Light leakage and noise may bother you.
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