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So the short of it is, I have a JVC AV-48p575 set, and I want to connect my computer to it through the hdmi port.

My computer is running win7 pro 64bit with a Sapphire HD5770.

In the JVC manual it clearly states that the digital-in terminal is not compatibale with a pc, but I want to believe there is a way to trick it into thinking the signal is NOT from a pc.

I've played with settings in CCC, windows, and even fiddled with powerstrip a bit (though I'll be completely honest in saying I don't really understand a lot about it). I've tried following various guides I've found around the web for using an HDTV as a monitor, all to no avail. I get no signal no matter what resolution, power-on order, or things like timings in powerstrip that I try.

Does anyone know if my goal is even possible?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, even if it's just a "nope, you can't do it." This is driving me nuts eek.gif