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Looking for under $3000 new projector ,GT700 Dead after 2 years

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Right now we have a 7' throw 113" dia and 97" width. Its our man cave with controlled lighting and it gets a lot of use with movies ,TV and gaming Id say 70% gaming 20% movies 10% TV. I have the screen painted per a recommendation from a forum member its a darker grey for increased contrast and it worked great. The Optoma still works but its B&W and has a serious grinding/scraping noise. I was told the color wheel. I dont know what the lag on the optoma is but its exceptable and I would not like to increase it much if any. My budget is $3000 if thats what it takes for a durable unit that will last more than 2 years not counting bulbs. A better pic is a great bonus !
Thanks in advance
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I suggest the well-rated BenQ W7000 DLP projector.
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Ill check out the specs
Thank you
do you have one?
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See also the Official BenQ W7000 Owners Thread.

I don't have one, but it was one of two PJs - the other being the JVC DLA-HD250 - on my very short list of PJs to replace my dying InFocus SP7210 720p DLP (great PJ, I miss it).
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The W7000 has similar input lag times as my H9500BD which is around 30ms tested against a laptop, likely 40-50ms tested against a CRT. That GT700 you have/had tested 0ms against a CRT. The GT750 is also 0ms against a CRT. But it is 720P native as well.

You can rule out the Epson 3D projectors as input lag is higher on them around 70ms against a laptop screen. These would be Epson 3010,5010 and 6010.

The Sony HW30 has tested input lag times decent similar to the W7000 and H9500BD, may as well check out the Optoma HD33 as well.

I know of no 1080P projector with as little input lag as the Optoma GT750. And if you plan to game in 3D the GT750 is the king.

Your other issue is the short through and size screen, not a issue if you can relocate 1080P projectors further back. The GT750 is likely the same throw as the GT700 you had.
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Great info guys THANK YOU. I was looking at the Panasonic AR100U Didnt seem too bad. The Optoma projectors are not to be used for 8 hrs straight per there tech department. Not offen that happens but it can gaming. I could relocate but its a hassle of course. You know I didnt mind the picture of the GT700 but it was purchased Dec of 2010 and wasnt used all that much, used yes but not non stop. so I have a bitter taste for Optoma.

optoma GT750
optoma HD33 (lag ?)
panasonic AR100U (relocate)
JVC HD250 (lag ?) relocate?
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HD33 has around 30ms of input lag tested against a laptop I believe. Will be 30ms to 40ms more then your GT700.

The JVC and Panasonic I do not know input lag times, I wouldn't take "I feel no input lag" as meaning it has none, testing against a CRT is best but very hard to find some one who has done that test. Projector Central or some other pro reviews some times add input lag times.

I know other JVC's have a lot of input lag but Not sure on the HD250, it will have an amazing picture though for movies in 2D.
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Thank you for the info........dam I hate buying another Optoma The panasonic AR100U would have to be relocated but should have a better picture and low lag. I wonder how good Panasonic is for quality. Ill look up some more info on it

Thanks again
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How about the Epson 8350 ?

Low lag
Higher contrast

pretty close on mounting position
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Optoma has backed their product after its out of warranty. Got to give them credit for that. I will report back what they do for me and how it performs.
Thanks out to everybody who gave feedback smile.gif
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Add viewsonic pro8200 to the mix too. 1080p, 3 year warranty, 6000 hours on bulb in eco mode, light-cannon, low lag, good for people that are sensitive to Rainbow Effect, 20watt internal speakers(10x2), good pro and user reviews. I can't see spending good money on a PJ with only one year warranty, these things are expensive to fix. I'm not saying to get the pro8200, just research it with all the others people are suggesting. Also 1080p since next gen consoles should be out next year and they will be in 1080p.
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Thank you 1
Ill check it out
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Have you played games on a LCD projector or tv before? Pixel's on the fastest LCD's change around 2ms being the slowest of all the video displays. With fast movement the pixels can break up making a messed up picture on edges of things. Some catch it some do not. If you have played on LCD's and not been a issue then I wouldn't worry about it.But DLP has the fastest pixel change times then LCD, LCOS and Plasma.
The last few projectors you listed I do not know input lag times on. 30ms and less would be low input lag.
Good to hear Optoma is helping you out.
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Thanks again man4mopar and everybody else, I have not tryed anything else but a plasma about a year ago and it seemed fine. Ill see what happens with the Optoma and if it works good for a year or two maybe that will buy me time until the next great game projector comes out. Maybe something that has a scorching game mode and great movie mode better than what I currently have, I was kind of looking forward to trying something new but in light of the warranty might as well try it.
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Yeah Plasma changes pixels much faster then LCD's also. Recomend playing a game on a LCD some time. Best Buy or something may have a game station set up using a LCD, or a friends place. My understanding of tech and pixel change speed from fastest to slowest isCRT, DLP, Plasma, Lcos, and not sure if DLA or LCD is slowest. CRT, Plasma and DLP are significantly faster then the others.
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