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What projector for a 150" 2:35 AT screen

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I've been on this forum for years soaking up way to much info. I want to do a 150" 2:35 screen. I want to stay under $2,000 on the projector. I have a totally light controlled room. Black ceilings and wine colored walls. It will be a AT screen setup. Is there any projector in this price range besides the Panasonics that can power zoom. I just don't think they are bright enough for this screen size. I like good blacks and a punchy pic. Thanks for any ideas.
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BenQ W7000 will do that size easily. You could also look for a new-model b-stock JVC unit. You'd be pushing it for brightness, but it will have the best contrast and blacks in your price range. However, W7000 would be the best safe bet (though it doesn't have power zoom...).
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With an AT screen that size, you should try to find a projector that can get you at least 950 lumens in best mode to achieve 14ftL. My Benq W7000 gives me 1350 in eco mode in best mode.You would need to have this projector 19ft back to get a 150in size. No power zoom tho. The JVC RS45 is almost 1100 in best mode, if you can get one under $2000, and it has lens shift as well as power zoom.

Of course others will give you enough brightness but will not be in its best mode, meaning colors will be off.
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Any idea where I could get the JVC under 2000. I love the look of my 61" pro rear projection tv. It still looks better than my pany plasma to me. I will probably go to 135" but what size 16X9 does that give me?
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AVS sells them (the forum sponsor) for just a tad more than that for a B-stock, you can find Mike (AV Science Sales 5) posting in the forum and get his number and give him a call.

That said, you are going too big for the JVC, it will not be bright enough at 1.0 gain even at 135", this is really pushing it given the lamp dimming.
What I might do instead is go for the Epson 5010 and use an HTPC or buy a Lumagen to do the re-positioning for 16:9 to 2.35 conversion.

Another alternative might be a very bright DLP if you are not sensitive to RBE, then maybe + HTPC or + Lumagen to do the conversion.
You won't get the same level of blacks though.
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Coderguy, even with a light controlled room with the dark ceilings and walls, the JVC wouldn't be bright enough?
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If you mount it at closest throw with the IRIS completely open, it will be bright enough at first. However, as the lamp dims, say after 300 hours, it will start getting TOO DIM pretty quickly. I am not even talking about if the LAMP dims abnormally, I am just taking into account average dimming. You will end up buying too many lamps too fast. That said, if you are one of the people that doesn't mind a very dark image, then it may be ok.

If you use your projector only occasionally, say less than 300 hours per year, and you don't mind replacing the bulb every year or two, you might get away with it.
I would not recommend it though, look at the Epson 5010 or Benq w7000 instead.
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