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SiliconDust HDHR3-CC HDHomeRun PRIME CableCARD TV tuners on a Network

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Hi Everyone,

I recently purchased a SiliconDust HDHR3-CC HDHomeRun PRIME CableCARD TV tuners for my house, with the intention of streaming my recorded content to my networked TV's/Blu-Ray Players. However I haven't been able to figure out how. Can anyone tell me what software I need for my devices to detect and play the recoded media?

I have 2 and LG TV, Panasonic and Sony Blu-Ray players... They are all compatible with DLNA, however none of the DLNA servers I've tried detect the media recorded in Windows Media Player.

I appreciate any Suggestions.

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I'm not aware of any DLNA players will play the .wtv format... I could be wrong. Though if you somehow manage this, you'll run into issues with any recordings that are marked copy-once; hopefully you're one of the lucky ones w/all copy-freely content smile.gif. The easiest solution will be to add a WMC extender at each location.
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xBox 360 or the forthcoming ceton Echo, for example.
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My sony bluray players access my wtv files just fine, the hardest part of the interface is you need to select video, photos, music to play video, photo and music files respectively, even though they all show up in every mode. But the content can't be protected and occasionally (about 5-10% of the time) the hd content gets converted to sd and looks absolutely terrible, usually a second or third attempt and/or reboot of bluray clears that up. Actually getting the content in hd was a surprise since the manual said it wouldn't do hd over the network, only local storage and wtv won't play from local storage. Since getting my second xbox, and with more and more of what I record being protected it's been a few months since I last tried it. I should have some time this week to play with it again as I am off for the next couple of weeks. A quick search showed that someone else here also used a sony bluray playerfor this.

I've never been able to get my lg tv to connect to my windows machines (even for music), though my stand alone nas box is fine. It's been a couple of years since I last looked at it but when I looked at network traffic, it seemed that when it tried to connect to my windows box, windows would then try to ping the tv but the tv doesn't respond to the ping so windows shuts down the connection, a strange behavior. Someone probably figured out a solution since then (at that time I saw two others observe the same thing) but I really haven't looked into it for a couple of years as nearly everything on that tv is now through the xbox.
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As far as I know only a handful of TV's from HP had a built in Windows Media Cente extender into the TV's, and they were discontinued well before Ceton tuner was available.

Do any of the TV's you have that you stated are DNLA capable also have Windows Media Center Extender functionality built into them? I would be interested in purchasing a TV with built in WMC extender.

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There is currently no TV with WMC extender built in. Both HP and Samsung sold a WMC extender add-on box, not built-in, for their TVs a few years back. And Toshiba was working on a built-in WMC extender TV for a while but never bright it to market. The market for WMC extender all but died a few years back.
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From what I have seen the ui for most tvs media playback is horrible. I tried it on my panny plasma once and never bothered again. I think the quality looked worse also.
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Originally Posted by signcarver View Post

My sony bluray players access my wtv files just fine.
I haven't had any luck on my sony. Did you have to make any changes to your config files for your DLNA server, and if so, what exactly. FWIW, I'm using Homestream, aka, Serviio. What DLNA server do you use?

What could be my problem is the fact that the wtv files are not on the same PC as Serviio. I may have to map a drive or something like that to get it working. Will try that next.
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No additional "DLNA Server" involved unless you are counting "windows media player"... just play it from the sony connecting to the win7 machine as the server. I just tried it today on a clean install on an i3 system (I have played with so much of this stuff I wanted to make sure I had no lingering codecs/services installed) My only problem was that when it couldn't find the computer when it scanned the network... I went back to the pc and started WMP (since it had never been started before on this machine) and clicked "stream" and "automatically allow devices to play my media". I also went to more streaming options to check other options and I think it already filled in the allow other computers/devices to connect.

As others have mentioned usually the tv/bluray ui is terrible especially when compared to an extender but prior to me getting my 2nd xbox this worked great for me as it gets the job done for tv recorded from the major networks and/or most analog cable (media center will still mark some CGMS-A content as protected). With my cablecard tuners, most cable stations for me are marked copy once so 90% of the recordings I now make won't play this way since I rarely record syfy, tnt, etc. in analog anymore. At least my CBS and FOX recordings will work.
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