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I just picked up my Espn 705 and and intro home theater as my first steps into my first Media room. Now I am trying to find a budget screen for a newbie. Viewing distance is going to be between 10 ft and 13 ft so I am going to go with 100 - 106 screen. Since the Epson is a 16:10, should I get the same ratio screen or can I go with 16:9? The project is going to be in my basement and I can control the light. For sports I am going to leave the lights on and for movies it will be dark for the most part. Should I get a White screen or Gray screen? Since the Epson is very bright, I was thinking of getting the ND 4 filter. If I do this will screen color matter. Thank you for helping a new guy. I didn't realize there was so much involved.