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Convert raw digital camcorder AVI to what?

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I have downloaded raw avi from our older Sony digital camcorder to our computer. The raw file looks pretty darned good, but after I convert to DVD format, it looks rather poor by comparison.

Can I convert to any new format that will retain the quality of the original AVI such as .h264, etc. and, if so, what tools are available to do that? If I could end up with a BD ISO that would play on either computer software BD players or stand-alone BD players, that would be great.

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Not enough infomation. Without knowing what is contained in the that .avi file is kind hard to make any determination. Look at the camcoreder specs. What kind of encoder does it use for both video and audio? I find it hard to believe that they don't use some kind of encoder so that the file size would be somewhat managable. What resolution does it record at? You can try a trial version of VideoRedo and see if you can open the "raw" file. If it is an actual raw file you would need to use a frameserver like virtualdub and serve the frames to a video encoder that can encode to .h264. How big are the files for a specific length of video? Download and install a freeware called MediaInfo and let it examine the file and post what it says.

Anothe option is to just and see if handbrake will open the avi file and if it does, you can let it re-encode to h264 and from that you can create a AVCHD which is nothing more than a home made Blu-Ray Disc.
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Not sure if ripbot264 accepts avis but it will also do avchd in one step. So you could burn it to dvds and it will play on a blu ray player. In HD of course.
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I assume you're talking about DV AVI?
I've used Handbrake to .mp4 with great results.
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Thanks very much for the advice, folks! I really appreciate it.

I should have provided more information about the avi, so I will do that now.

I used "Moivemaker" (MM) to "capture" the avi from the Sony model DCR TRV20, DV-tape-type camcorder via firewire. After opening MM and selecting the capture option, I get the following (get a load of that bit rate):

As the above shows, I select the "DVI-AVI" option which, as you can see, takes up a whole lotta hard drive space.

After capturing, I select the "finish" option and, voila, there's a huge video file available for whatever. I use MPC HC to play back the file. Here's what MPC says about the file's properties:

So that's as much information I have about the file, other than that the video quality of this gigantic file is excellent.

If anyone else has suggestions about how to retain the picture quality while changing the file format to something playable on either computer BD software and a stand-alone BD player, I'd apprectiate hearing it. I've already tried playing the file on a PS3 from a USB stick, but the PS3 says it's not a file it can play.

Thanks again.
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I just downloaded Ripbot264 and the associated programs necessary to run it.

I converted a 60+ mb avi file to an avchd folder that contained all necessary BD files, including a 20 mb m2ts file, to create a bluray-type DVD or BD that will play in a BD player.

I dragged the m2ts onto MPC HC and the file played just fine, but I must say that the video quality is markedly inferior to the original avi. For example, there are obvious scan lines and color fringing around various objects. These are not present in the original file.
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You need to set it up properly based on the content. Mess around with the settings. If your seeing scan lines it sounds like your content is interlaced. When you convert to X264 you will be deinterlacing the video.
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