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Need a 7.1 AVR recommendation, $500-$750

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Looking for a 7.1 AVR, $500-$750. My HT, 12 by 16 by 9, is part of a larger 33 by 16 space. Here's my equipment wishlist:

2 PSB T5 towers
1 PSB C5 center
4 PSB B4 surrounds
1 HSU VTF-15H sub

Epson 5010
Oppo BDP-93

50/50 music and movies

Thanks for your suggestions!
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Hmmm...no love?
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Originally Posted by gbould View Post

Hmmm...no love?

Thiers always "love" here on AVS wink.gif. Are you looking at new??

New ones to look into:




* I would highly reccomend the Onkyo 818 or 809 but at the present time the price has not dropped But it may soon.

If youre willing to go with a "factory refeb" and save a few dollars heres a few to look at :


* out of the referbs my choice would either be the first or second link....... both great units IMHO
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Wow, feeling the love now. Thanks for all of your suggestions. I have a lot of research to do.
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Thank you for your suggestion, I'll also take a look at the Sherwood.
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