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$4000 to spend on LCR set up

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Hey guys,

I am looking to upgrade my home theater with a new front sound stage. I am looking spend $4000 and am looking for very dynamic sound for movies. NOW, here is the kicker, I also am upgrading my amplifer and would love to have speakers that are exceptional for 2 channel listening or for multichannel listening. I have a friend who sells Montana and has a set of SP3s that really sound good for 2 channel. I would have to get a custom made center to match it. I can get an amazing deal on these since they are phased out ot the lineup for Montana.

What do you guys think would be the best combo available? I really would like to have nice sounding, stand alone left/rights. I have thought about Philharmonics, looked into Paradigm, Salk, Ascend Acoustics, and several others. RBH had some nice sounding theater packages.

I know I am missing a ton of quality speaker manufacturers hence my request for ideas. Any advice you all could give would appreciated. By the way, the rest of my equipment consists of: Arcam AVR300, Kef Q70 surounds, Panny BD55k blueray, and soon to be an Emotiva XPA3 for the front speakers OR an XPA2 for the front L/R and let the Arcam handle the rest.
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Where are you located? Maybe someone near you has a pair you can demo. I was recently in your position and a few from your list were on my list as well.
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The XPA3 sounds like a very good idea, because running the front 3 channels that way will ease the load on the receiver, which can use the help; its power supply is a bit on the weak side (as is the case with most HT receivers). The large amount of solid power for the front 3 can't hurt either.

For the front and center, I would suggest that you consider the KEF RS500 speakers for your fronts ($1300 each) and a R200c ($1000) for the center, and that should make an excellent system with the Q70 surrounds.

That will give you some really nice sound, and would seem to be in your price range.
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