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Official LG 47G2 / 55G2 Google TV OWNERS THREAD

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Any owners out there that can provide us with your thoughts about this LG SET.
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I'm wondering the same thing. I picked up the 55G2 yesterday and was hoping that there was some sort of thread on here.

Are we the only 2 owners?? smile.gif
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Originally Posted by rezrez12 View Post

I'm wondering the same thing. I picked up the 55G2 yesterday and was hoping that there was some sort of thread on here.
Are we the only 2 owners?? smile.gif

I'm not an owner. I wanted input to see if I should get it.
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I'm getting ready to get this as well so would love to hear some feedback.
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Ive had my 47g2 for about 3 weeks and am loving it. At first, I was a little dissapointed in the picture(grainy at times) but messing with the settings helps and the intelligent sensor works well if you dont wanna mess with the settings.

I will say i wish it wasnt so damn glossy;almost any light is reflected. Im loving the features-google chrome is great,the able remote app is a must have...all the "google marketplace apps" are about useless for a tv...unless im missing something. I do have a question that LG cant answer: why does it always show the refresh rate is 60hz? Ps3,xbox360,HD cable....anyone know?
All in all an excellent buy for $900 is which i paid at HHgregg
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I'm interesting in hearing about your continuing impressions of the LG 55G2 or LG 47G2, the 2012-2013 "Google" TV from LG with 3D. Is it's picture quality and 2D-to-3D conversion performance worthy and as good as the other current LG sets ?

The following is a hyperlink to a Digital Trends review of the item:



By the way, saw a rather nice discount while taking the first (but not final) step of "checking out" of cart on-line at B*st B*y "dot" com. As of August 31, 2012 there is a substantial deep discount on that special order item.

The following is a hyperlink to one of many retailers that are offering the item:


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I like this TV. Although the lack of apps is annoying. A couple years from now it'll get upgraded and I'll be happy with it. wink.gif

Hurry up Google with the updates. I want Jelly Bean and NDK suppport.

Here is my video review:

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I just got this TV and am picking it up tomorrow. I got the 55. Can you guys give me any forums or good links to have handy. I already watched your video review and thank you for that. It doesn't seem there are many reviews out there besides cnets which o
I really am not buying. Thanks guys
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IR Blasters Stopped Working?

So I pull my lg55g2 out of the box put it on the wall set it all up and the IR blasters were working fine with my at&t uverse box on code3113 i believe it was. go eat come home turn on the tv and the IR blasters are no longer working. I try to recode them still not working. since i had not done anything to the tv yet i set it back to factory settings and tried recoding again. still not working. Took a video of the IR blasters while trying to operate them and they are not lighting up. I have unplugged it and plugged it back in gone through everything several time to yet no avail. Anyone got any ideas. are these tvs just a piece of ****. Do i need to go buy a different one? not very impressed with this right out of the box.
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new update just came through last night and fixed the blasters
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Probly a little late to the party, but here's a bit on my experience and thoughts.

I got a 55g2 open box from Best Buy at a pretty substantial discount. I'm, overall, very happy with it.

  • I had been using a Logitech Revue Google TV breakout box for over a year, so it was nice not only to get that functionality built in, but to get the hybrid LG/Google TV interface feels like a big upgrade.
  • I had also been using a breakout box for the OnLive gaming service and it now being included, for me, is a big plus.
  • I'm not what you would call a proponent of 3D, but the 2D-3D conversion is effective. The full 3D modes for gaming especially are impressive, if not a little distracting.
  • Love the remote. Again, coming from using the full keyboard of the Logitech Revue, this compact little thing is a breath of fresh air.
  • Great picture after tweaking with a few minor caveats.
  • Google Search is excellent

Not Greats
  • The screen rotates, but not quite enough to be useful, and on a very wobbly feeling stand
  • Until another software update is released, the expert presets will not save backlight values
  • Blacks aren't very black. I knew this going into it, but it's something I haven't been able to get used to in the past week of ownership.
  • Simplink functionality found in just about every other LG product is missing from the G2 series. I'm guessing it has something to do with the Google TV software, but support couldn't give me a straight answer.
  • HDMI ARC functionality is also missing, making home theater setup a little daunting. In order to hear audio from apps like OnLive and YouTube, devices have to be connected to the TV directly and then audio run from the TV to a receiver using a TOS Link Optical cable. This means sacrificing DTS HD audio from a bluray player.
  • Glare glare glare glare glare
  • Web browsing, despite highest of high internet speeds, continues to be a slow affair. Scrolling through web pages is almost painful when it should be silky, especially with a scroll wheel right at your fingertips. Be prepared to scroll too far.
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Just bought this set about 5 days ago. So far I'm fairly happy with the purchase. Still have to run through a couple of tweaks to get the picture settings to my liking. I'm very picky when it comes to picture quality when viewing HD Programming and I hate seeing grains in the background.

Only issue I'm honestly coming across if the brightness. Given, I had an LCD before and I know the LED's aren't necessarily as bright when compared, but I still feel the picture is dull. I set the backlight setting to auto and it honestly seems dim. Mess around with brightness, contrast, dynamic contrast and all that and still can't get it. Maybe it's just me and it takes some adapting. I compare the brightness I'm getting to a movie theater.....which is fine when you're watching TV in the dark...but throughout the day it can be annoying....at least for me.

I know I'm extremely anal when it comes to stuff like that.....but honestly this is a tremendous TV. I haven't messed around with too much 3D as of yet. I am going to say that the 2D-3D conversion is pretty dam good. Not a huge effect like movies that are filmed in 3D....but it's honestly pretty dam good for watching standard programmings or sitcoms. My wife is a FRIENDS fanatic and watched her entire blu ray season in 3D. When it comes to actual 3D movies you might have mixed results. Transformers Dark Side of the Moon does a pretty good job with the 3D and the TV handles it well....minimal shadowing. On the other hand, I popped in FINDING NEMO 3D and saw a massive amount of shadowing. Here's the difference....Transformers was shot in 3D and Finding Nemo was a studio conversion. As I continue tinkering I'm going to mess around with real 3D titles like Avatar and so forth to see how the overall picture compares.

Good TV, good features and honestly a tremendous price. Got mine for $1499 at Best Buy with 6 glasses.
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The newest update broke IR blasters again. Are you experiencing the same issue?
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Since I haven't seen it on this thread yet, just to let future buyers know, the 55G2 does not have the Trumtion feature even though it is advertised on the box. Seems like only the 240hz LG TVs have the Trumotion feature properly implemented. Very irritating if you are a person who wants the features that are advertised and paid for.
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I picked up the 47G2 on Monday and so far I'm not totally impressed but it's a good tv. I kinda agree with a couple of the reviews that its more of a gen1 type product which has a lot of potential but it's just not there right now.

We'll see, I have a 15 day return window to try and make it work for what I need. Right now I am learning more towards a cheaper 47' and get a raspberry Pi .
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I returned the tv tonight, I don't quite get to enjoy the benefits of the tv being a google tv just yet maybe on the next version my experience may be better. The 3d glasses felt pretty flimsy/cheap to me and I needed to adjust my eyes on this more than I do with my vizio.

I'm gonna look at the regular lg 3d tv and see how that is
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I bought 74g2 recently. I am still learning how to operate it. I am trying to connect through wi-fi, with no luck. It says network error. The TV is in range of my wi-fi. Please let me know if anybody has the same issue and a solution of available.

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