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IR receiver stopped working?

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Last week, WMC7 stopped responding to my remote. I fiddled with the PC for a bit and couldn't see anything obvious that stopped it working and didn't feel like investigating immediately so i left it. An hour later it just started working again, no idea why. Then yesterday it stopped working again and hasn't worked since, I've been getting by with the Universal Remote app on my phone.

It was an old IR6 remote with IR receiver (eHome tranceiver with RC6 remote). The receiver seems to be picking up the signal, since the little LED lights up when I press buttons on the remote, as normal. It also seems to be sending IR signals to my cable box okay, since it changes channels for recording tv. The one thing that doesn't work is any control of media center. Even the green button has no effect when mc isn't running.

I've reinstalled the driver, and w7 still isn't detecting any problems with it. Switched USB sockets. I've rolled back the system restore to the beginning of July with no effect. There have been no changes to the system for a long time other than the system updates and Avast expiring. One obvious sign that something isn't working right is that MC shows a blank blue screen for a good 15 seconds after starting up, before the menu is displayed - never did that before.

I'm guessing that there must be be some kind of hardware problem with the receiver, is there anything else I can do to confirm it (or better yet, fix it)? I also don't want to buy a new receiver only to find that there is an inherent software issue and that one doesn't work either!
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Is it working now?

You could pick up this remote for $14 with code EMCNBNC253 right now and use that receiver (or the whole remote).
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Not to sound like an ass, and i'm sure you checked....batteries?
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It seems to have started working by itself again! This is going to be hard to track down.

I suppose it could actually be the batteries - the signal is being received so lights up the receiever but not strong enough to detect it as a valid signal, especially with the bright sunlight here. If it stops working again, I'll try replacing the batteries straight away to see if there is an immediate fix.

Thanks guys.
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