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Couple of somewhat unrelated questions.
1. Is there a general rule of thumb for wiring internal security cameras so that they are off when homeowners are home? It seems that most people probably wouldn't want cameras recording them when they make a 3 am trip down the hall to the bathroom, or their five year old streaking from the bathroom to the bedroom. On the other hand you would probably want to catch the burglar breaking into your house regardless of whether you are home or the time. Putting all the internal cameras on a main on/off switch seems like a big security hole. How do people deal with internal cameras and not feel like they live in the big brother house?

2. Security screens on windows? Is anyone familiar with this type of product? Kind of thinking it might be useable in conjuction with window sensors and if you are already pulling wires to the window... Might also serve as an early alert when the cat really wants to go squirrel hunting in the spring when windows are open.

3. Is anyone familiar with Bensonwood's open-built system? I am fascinated by the concept, but I wonder if it is really the right or even adequate solution for home automation and whole house A/V wiring. More info on their website.