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First, a little background on my setup: st30 connected to a directv receiver(HDMI 2), vizio soundbar(HDMI 1 arc) and a ps3(HDMI 3). Turning on the ps3 would power on the TV and switch it to the correct input and Viera link worked so I could navigate and play/pause, etc. The TV remote also controlled the sound bar volume and displayed it on-screen.

The whole setup just stopped working one night. HDMI 2 wouldn't work at all and arc and link completely failed. I contacted Panasonic and they sent a repairman out to replace the main board as it's still well within warranty. This fixed HDMI 2 but not the other issues. I've gone through all the steps I originally used to get it working and new HDMI cables and still nothing. I called Panasonic again and their response was to contact the company that did the service. The person that did the repair had no idea that arc and cec even existed and didn't believe that the TV could power on the ps3 so I'm a little hesitant to go back to them.

Anyone have any ideas or similar experience?