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Need advice on center channel upgrade

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Hello everyone,

I have been a longtime lurker, and have always appreciated the awesome replies and recommendations given by the community here.

I have been using an older Yamaha HTIB for the past 10 years. The Yamaha setup was perfect for me for several years because I lived in different apartments with paper thin walls.

I recently bought a condo, with much thicker walls, and we will probably be moving onto a house in the next two years, so while I am upgrading my components, I will be doing so with the intention of buying for a home.

The first thing I want to buy is a new center channel speaker. I have a cabinet that it has to fit into, so the size of the box is the top priority.

The dimensions of the hole is 7 3/8 x 26 x 16. Height is the key player here. This rules out the BIC FH6 LCR (by half an inch), and the Energy RC-LCR (by 1/8 of an inch).

This left me looking at three models:
  1. Definitive Technology Procenter 2000
  2. Infinity Primus PC351
  3. Yamaha NS-C310BL

I should also note that the current Yamaha receiver is also about to be upgraded to the Onkyo TX-NR818.

It's also worth noting that the primary watching area is 10.5 feet from the screen and center channel. The room also has cathedral ceilings if that matters at all.

My budget for the center channel is under $400.

The center channel does not have to be one of the aforementioned choices - If you have any recommendations, just please make sure it fits the height requirement of 7 3/8 inches tall.

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I suggest that you consider the PSB Image C4 Center speaker, which runs $299 (you can also get it at Saturday Audio Exchange in a full-warranty minor blemish factory second for $240). That is a very good center speaker.

It will work well with a wide variety of speakers, and is well within your available space at 5 1/4"H by 7 1/8" D by 15 W.

That will also give you the option of buying the excellent Image T6 or B6 speakers for your new fronts at some future date if you want a matching system.
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Definitive C/L/R 2002

Dimensions: 21" W x 6.75" H x 12" D
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Add the KEF Q200c to the list of available options as well.
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I ended up going to a local store to listen to several options.

I brought home the Definitive Technology CS-8040HD. It's pretty amazing. Makes me really want to move on to the next step which is replacing the receiver then the fronts.

Thanks for your help everyone.

@Comm - the store I purchased from did not carry the PSB line.

@Zeig - I actually listened to the 2002, but really liked the CS-8040HD better. The major difference between the two is that the CS-8040HD has a built in passive subwoofer which gave a more full sound.

@Mods - You can close this thread.
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